NO. 2


The most important attributes of man are intelligence, wisdom and knowledge. The noblest work of man is to find the formula for peace and happiness for every one on earth. The logical use of man's most important attributes is to meet the urgent needs of the nations or mankind. These are proper, moral governments, a worthy economic system that eliminates poverty and advanced human relationship.

Down through the ages, the world's wisest men have ever tried to find a formula of peace and happiness for suffering and deprived humanity. Who has not heard of Socrates, "Gadfly of Athens", the most noted wise man of the white race? Wise as he was, he could not find the formula. His eminent pupil Plato likewise failed in this, mankind's greatest work. He envisioned a Utopia, a serene and happy republic, but failed to find the formula. His own pupil Aristotle, whose theories on law still influence the law makers (or breakers) of today. He also failed in this great quest.

Moving on to Bible Land, we find Solomon hailed as the wisest of the wise. Solomon was a king and as no one has the right to be king or queen, he did not know of the proper human relationship. As he operated a kingdom, that is, a total dictatorship, he had no idea of a government of, for and by the people. There were poor people in his kingdom which means he did not know of a worthy economic system that eliminates poverty. He had a thousand wives which further disqualified him as a wise man. It's almost impossible to satisfy one wife - how about a thousand?

Another noted wise man in the Bible was Christ. A search in the Holy Scriptures fails to reveal where he taught how to devise proper, moral governments - spoke only of kings and kingdoms. He knew of no economic system to eliminate poverty, indeed, his writers not knowing how to get rid of poverty, had him advocating poverty. Those writers were never in Indian reserves in northern Ontario nor in destitute areas of India where the people live in the most advanced stages of poverty. They live in absolute misery and wretchedness. The Holy Scriptures laid no claim to have a formula for peace and happiness on earth, only in the "after life" - after you're dead. That's no good for people suffering the tortures of the damned here in this life.

The East also had its own famous wise men, among whom was Confucius. Wise as they were, they could not find the key to peace and happiness, a proper, moral government, a practical economic system and human relationship. It took the North American Deganawidah to find the formula. He took from natural righteousness (Kariwiyo) and made a Code which he called Gayanerekowa - known as the Law of the Great Peace. The wisest mortal of the ages, armed only with his Great Law, conquered the five most fierce nations imaginable in history; the Mohawks, Oneidas, Cayugas, Senecas and Onondagas; united them in a Confederacy (Kanonsonnionwe in Mohawk), put them symbolically in one Long House and created peace and happiness until the white man came with his Dark Age.

Gayanerekowa was the world's first national Constitution, the first international law (the five Iroquois nations and 28 protectorate Indian nations followed it) and the first code of human rights. The Iroquois Confederacy was the world's first people's republic with sovereignty for everyone. All other countries were kingdoms and in a kingdom only the monarch has sovereignty. Everyone one and everything belonged to the king. The entire world may thank the Peacemaker Deganawidah for whatever rights and freedom its people enjoy. But, not all the rights and freedoms in the Great Law were adopted. The copiers kept full justice from their people. They left loopholes through which they may continue to subtly oppress humanity. The United States was the first white nation to adopt provisions from the Iroquois Constitution. The League of Nations of the 20's was patterned after the old Iroquois League. The present United Nations was patterned along the same lines and this world body made a special study of the Long House in 1950 for the purpose of adopting Iroquois principles in its deliberations.

An interesting side note of this great man is that, in keeping with an old native custom of "burying the dead", the survivors were forbidden to mention his name. The names of many illustrious historic and prehistoric Indians were lost as well as their works, because of this taboo. Many Indians of today have no patience with taboos and the name of Deganawidah and his work are being revitalized among the natives of North America. The great Peacemaker was also a "victim" of an ages old human failing. Unusual and remarkable heroes of antiquity are often legendized. Their persons are often given miraculous and supernatural powers. They were credited with "virgin birth" and other mystical characteristics. This was the way the ancient average man explained away his own failings and the superiority of his hero. The man was virgin born and this was the reason for his greatness. Ancients like Socrates, Confucius, Khrishna, Zoroaster, a total of 16 "crucified" saviors were all credited with virgin births. This doesn't add to their lustre but deducts from it as they tend to be regarded as myths by modern, learned sophisticates.

To say that any historic hero was virgin born and performed supernatural activities is to legendize them and make them unto myths, no service to their names and deeds, but to cast doubts that they ever lived. Deganawidah was bom, lived and died and left behind a great instrument of peace as yet unappreciated by a criminal and ignorant mankind.


By using certain words, one can make a man go against his brother or against his own nation. Various white men with various ideologies have found the Indians of Caughnawaga (and other places) ripe for dissemination of their "truths". Caughnawaga Indians are divided into six factions all hostile towards each other. White man's proud of his work there. Indians can't work up a united fighting front thanks to these white man's ideologies. Gives the trespassers a sense of security. That the formula for oppressing the people successfully. Keep them divided and yours is their land, liberty and souls indefinitely.

The traditional Indians at Caughnawaga, and it may be the same at other places, are in a unique position. While the other five factions are hostile to each other and hold each other in contempt, they are united in one sense. They hate and despise the traditionals. Each profess the white foreigner's religion. Each faction is concerned mainly with their souls and paleface heaven. Being a member of the white man's religion is more important than surviving as a race.

The traditionals mean to survive as a race and nations (a universal human right). When the traditional Warrior Society of Caughnawaga decided to do something about what the older people have long complained - the non-Indian trespassers on the reserve - the deleterious effects of white man's idiotology was revealed. The young militant folks wanted to do something for their people. Evict the trespassers. Twenty-four of the evictors were charged with a criminal offense and offenses - by other Indians! Progressives they call themselves - it's progressive to break the trespass law. Though there's a law about trespassing on Indian reserves, the trespassers were not charged with its violation, only the members of the Warrior Society who were enforcing the trespass law were charged.

Because of white man's idiotologies, the Indian can't do anything for his people - he'd be arrested by another Indian on a charge sjigned by an Indian. He cannot defend himself against oppression, racism and persecution - some renegade Indian in his own locality shall sign a false charge to get him out of circulation. The traditional Indian practices his spiritual ceremonies. Naming rites, marriage and funeral services in an atmosphere of ideological hate and controversy. Traditional Indians need a territory of their own where they can practice their own culture, customs and traditions in peace and security. GANIENKEH is such a place.