NO. 4 - JANUARY 17, 1975


When the white benediction arrived from Europe, the Indian nations were recognized as such. Treaties were entered into and concluded with them by the white governments. Only nations may sign treaties. The objectives of the treaties were peace and friendship. In the light of what happened after, the following interpretation was arrive at by the natives. The peace would mean end of the wars with the Indians; that is, peace for the white man. When the white man consolidated his position the treaties will have served their purpose - white man's domination.

To make sure Indians will be disqualified forever from treaties, the white man's government legislated acts (illogical since the Indians were not consulted) reducing Indian nations to mere tribes. The United States Federal Indian law was made by the white people and not by the Indians. Neither was the Indian Act of Canada made by the Indians. When Indians accepted those laws made by foreign people, the Indians denationalized and joined the white nations in a third class citizenship category. A nation must make its own laws. The Six Nations Confederacy never accepted either of these foreign made laws and so retained their nationhood.

These denationalizing Indians feature election systems with its attendant rigging and corruptions. The elective council chiefs gets paid by the government and so knows which side his bread is buttered on. They have the mandate to help the government oppress their own people. Indians against Indians. That's the way. Let the Indians destroy other Indians.

Fortunately, there's a way out. Unfortunately, it entails much work. Even dangerous work. But it can be done. It means renouncing the forced tricked into third class citizenship in white man's nations. It means reorganizing the Indian nations. It's a must if Indians are to survive as a race of NATIONS, not as a race of downtrodden, demoralized, browbeaten, kicked around, oppressed, depressed, destroyed, deprived, discriminated third class 'tribal' citizens of a white man's nation.


The first step by Indians to restore Indian nations is for the Indians to stop being so proud to call themselves a "tribe"!! It was meant to make Indians ashamed of themselves so that they'll be glad for the chance to join the white man's nation. It's a derogatory term. It's also an insulting term. When the white man classified Indians as "tribes" he had no idea the Indians wouldn't bother looking up the meaning of the word. He had no idea the Indians would come to regard the term with endearment. "So that's what I am. I'm proud to be what I am!" Paleface was trying to use psychology, make Indians feel cheap, not proud. Now, even the white man is confused by the word. It takes an international lawyer to explain the word. The "tribe" is primitive man's first attempt at a social order. White folks have much disorder but are the last to call themselves a "tribe". The nation is the finished product. In ancient , prehistoric times, the family and their relatives organized themselves for their own protection. It was called the tribe (after the Latin tribus). Ages later, the tribes got together in a coalescence. It was called "the nation". Indian nations did that little thing a long time ago.

When the benedictions from Europe arrived, they were weak and had to be helped to survive by the Indians. They became numerous and strong enough to demand that "treaties of peace and friendship" be signed with the Indians. So, boys and girls, remember that only nations make treaties. As the said Europeans grew stronger, they decided to dissolve Indian nations and reduce them to the tribe status. Even brainwashed the Indians into thinking it's great to be a tribe. When the United States became a nation, they had to copy from the Six Nations Confederacy. But they didn't copy all the rights and freedoms from the Iroquois Constitution - The Great Law. Left themselves loopholes through which they could dictate. They put nations who signed treaties with them on reservations. When the 'Pilgrims from Europe' first arrived, the Indians could have put them on reservations. Indians would now have a Bureau of Caucasian Affairs. Instead they allowed the white visitors to organize their tribes to the point that a few years ago, a Claims official told some angry Indians "You're luck we let you live - on reservations." No thanks to Indians for letting them live when the Indians could have wiped out the Founding Fathers. No thanks to Indians for not putting the white people on reserves when they could have. What is this thing called "Indian reserve" anyway. According to the dictionary, RESERVED LAND means "land set aside for later use". INDIAN RESERVE, according to the same dictionary means "United States land set aside for use by Indians." In Canada, it's "Crown land set aside for us by Indians". You can see that by "United States land" and "Crown lands" the Pilgrim Sons do not think "Indian reserves" are Indian lands. They also say that when Indians reach a certain stage in their "development" they would be assimilated and the reserves terminated. The land then would be used by the white man. The Indian reserve is a precarious existence for Indians, who dare not reach that "develop stage" and be terminated. So, boys and girls, the sermon today is DO NOT call yourselves "tribes" and your land "reservations". Stand on your two feet and insist that you are a NATION and that your land is a TERRITORY.


The racist vigilantes who tried to scare off the Indians by gun fire attacks on the Ganienkeh settlement, have changed their tactics. Shooting Indians can be hazardous. It can draw return fire. They have now become leafleteers (Shades of Tom Paine). They hired their best writers and psychologists to tell their readers that Indians are committing aggressions, invasions and usurpation (sounds familiar?) They are trying to brainwash the white population into believing that the people of Ganienkeh have taken over their land! The racists, having failed to scare us off with guns, are now taking legal action against New York State for not moving against us. The logically concluded that why risk their skins when the State can do that little thing for them? This doesn't mean that they've taken their attention away from us. They are also suing Ganienkeh for $5,000,000. For lost business. They asked the government for lowered tax rates as their property value depreciated because we're here. Also seemed to want sympathy.

As a moneyless society, we may, with the help of other Indians, be able to scare up $5,000,000 kernels of corn. Don't even have wampum anymore. Must learn to make that again. The people that got hit in the return fire are suing New York State for $1,500,000. The descendants of the Pilgrims are not fooling around when they talk of money. That's a lot of bread. One way to get rich is to shoot up an. Indian camp and when the Injuns got riled up and shoot back, sue the State for a million and a half bucks. No use suing the Indians. No money. Besides they're a foreign state. No jurisdiction there.

But the Great White Father is trying to give them jurisdiction over the Injuns. Without consulting the Six Nations Confederacy, the other party of the 1794 Treaty, of Uncle Sam is trying unilateral additions to the treaty in the form of an "equitable provision" in the effort to kill the treaty. It is illegal, sinful and even fattening ... for racists.

As secretary of the GANIENKEH COUNCIL FIRE, I received the letter from Mr. Morris Thompson, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, in which he insists that Congress can make provisions in treaties made a long time ago without asking for agreement from the other party of the treaty. That is against the law. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

The Office of the President through its Department of the Interior, as per Article VII of the 1794 Treaty, made a complaint to the Six Nations Confederacy regarding "two shooting incidents". This has since been investigated and a hearing convened by the Mohawk nation involved. The results shall be transmitted to the United States Government when it holds its own investigations and hearings regarding the formal complaint made by the Six Nations Confederacy to the United States President regarding the United States citizens shooting up the Ganienkeh settlement, illegal serving of summons by New York State on the people of Ganienkeh and the false arrest of prominent Onondaga Chiefs and Clan Mothers. We have lived up to our end of the agreement. Ha the other party of the Treaty, the United States, made its investigations and hearings? Is the United States going to continue its centuries old disregard of the treaties and human rights of the Indians?

The United States intension of forcing in juridiction on the other party of the Treaty constitutes AGGRESSION, INVASION AND USURPATION. It will be resisted by the people of Ganienkeh by every means possible. We shall tell the world how Uncle Sam keeps his word. What he does to treaties he signs. If treaties are made to be broken, who on earth is safe? If it had to resort to suck measures, the United States itself cannot be free! Ganienkeh shall not suffer in silence. The noise shall reverberate around the world and all mankind shall hear.