NO. 6 MAY 5, 1975
One Confused Expert Expertizes

Rumors seeped into Ganienkeh about a study being made of the Ganienkeh territory repossession by an ex- editor of a small town newspaper, who had been fired from his job because of "lack of integrity". It is necessary to related this so the reader may be prepared to absorb non-integrity shocks by the events about to unfold.

Some politicians, being asked to account for some campaign funds, got hold of this discredited newsman to make the study agreeable to the constituents. This is to assume that the voters are dumb clucks who will forget the campaign funds when they read the sensational "expose" of Indians. The study resulted in a collection of "ifs, maybes, mights, perhapses" and other unsureties called "Confidential Report Moss Lake Indian Occupation January 6, 1975" and also known as the "Blair Report."

After reading it, we assumed that the writer and his employers got together and decided to make it confidential. The news media is not to print it and we can see why. The public must not see what Mr. Haley, the politician, paid $1,500 for. The writer says he spent two weeks in compiling the report. Not bad. That's $750.00 a week. It's not unusual for a white man to skin another. Mr. Dan Haley, Assemblyman, or the people who contributed the $1,500 got skinned at our expense. The patsy is once again the Indian. A red herring is being dragged across the primrose path down which certain politicians are dancing. The idea is to draw attention away from certain situations by focusing on others.

To please the tax paying constituents, all our material is referred to as "so-called". Even called our government "the so-called Six nations Confederacy." Much is made of the fact that the Warrior Society refused to allow the police to come onto the Ganienkeh territory to investigate the "two shooting incidents." The police have no urge to investigate all eleven gun fire attacks on the Ganienkeh settlement, only the two shoot outs. The other mine were one sided gun fire directed at the camp. The report scorns Indian testimony on this affair. White people can do no harm. Wouldn't do a thing like that. Report says the police deny getting .44 magnum shells from the Indians, picked up after the United States citizen raiders left. The police have since admitted getting the shells. Blair is left holding the bag also on other admissions. The treaties were made on a nation to nation basis. The 1794 Treaty allows neither party to govern over the other and so, why should our ex-editor be shocked because the Warriors wouldn't allow the New York State police to stage their one-sided "investigation" on the Red man's sovereign soil?

The fired ex-editor also promoted cockeyed history as related by his ancestors. The Jesuit Relations says the Mohawk Indians were converted to Catholicism and moved to Akwesasne, Caughnawaga, and Oka. Our ancestors say the original "converts" were prisons of war, who quarried stone for the fort of Montreal by slave labor and forced into Christianity. As they grew in number some were removed to Oka and others to Akwesasne. The Warriors of the Iroquois Confederacy made efforts to liberate them and in one of the occasions destroyed half of New France, but the Mohawk serfs were kept under lock and key in Fort Ville Marie. Valuable property. They kept the French settlers in food. France's ex-convicts turned colonizers had to be taught how to grow corn, potatoes, etc., by the Indian slaves. People in Europe ate mostly bread and meat.

Unfavorable propaganda against the Six Nations were taught to the children of the original prisoners of war and kept up. But the truth will out sooner or later. Finally, the descendants of the Indian slaves started to hear and read great things about the Iroquois Confederacy. They became interested and some of them renounced white man's religion, his elective council and applied for reinstatement in the Six Nations Confederacy. They were reinstated in the years following the First World War. The first Long House was built in Caughnawaga in 1922. Also in Akwesasne and Oka. A call to the Grand Council in Onondaga would have revealed the status of the Mohawks at Ganienkeh and that of the "Indian leaders at Akwesasne who did not condone, support or legitimatize the Moss Lake Occupation." The latter are the ones who are self alienated from the Six Nations Confederacy.

Our fired up expert even wrote his account of "history" as if he expected his readers to believe it. His account of the October 28 shoot our follows a certain propaganda pattern. One gets the feeling that COPCA is looking over his shoulder while he writes as directed. Investigator.... or Investigator .... states, Mr. .... is probably one of the foremost authorities in the nation on Mohawk culture and history..... blank space is a whole line left out so the reader can't figure out the identity of Mr. Blair's anonymous "authority" who has so little confidence in what he says he prefers to be unknown in case his profundities are exposed to being less than profound. However, in Blair, he has a willing stooge to promote his ideas. In the event the informer is an anthropologist, those "scientists" WHO WORK FROM DATA AND REPORTS usually false, it's hardly any wonder our "sung" hero has his facts out of shape. Blair says his "anonymous authority" is in "genuine danger". Who's after him, the CIA or COPCA? Why doesn't Blair share his fears and keep his own name a secret, or is he telling us that all his authorities and misinformers are craven cowards while he dares to stand and be counted? Maybe, he invented these fearfilled informers. What Mr. Blair needs is a foremost authority on white people so he can know what motivates him and his COPCA friends.

Blair criticizes Indians for having "blue eyes". Only white people should have blue eyes. When white people first saw the Mohawk, they saw many green and gray eyes among them. Also among the Quechua Indians in Peru and the Haidas of the West Coast. There are many white people with black eyes, and they're the last to say they're Indians.

Why not a wilderness area in Canada not chosen? The Mohawk Ganienkeh territory happens to be

where it is, not across white man's boundary line. Other areas belong to other Indians. What's the matter with Mr. Blair anyway? One minute he tells how ignorant and unsmart we are and the next minute warns not to consider us "a dumb bunch of Indians." Also such words as "a most clever, militant people". Even gave me a dubious honor mention. Called me militant and dangerous. Made me consult the dictionary. Webster says a militant is one who is ready and willing to fight. That's not bad. No one every got his rights who was not ready and willing to fight for it. Oppressors love unmilitant people. They can push them around and walk all over them. When the oppressed fight back, oh! That's terrible, they're militant!

Even gave the wrong date on the Egyptian action. It was in 1884 that 50 Caughnawaga river men were hired to shoot six cataracts of the Nile in long keel boats to save General Gordon's garrison. The Indians were not soldiers as told in the so-called report, but river rapids experts, famous in that line as they were to become famous on high steel. We are to suppose that Mr. Blair is not a militant but he gives military advice. He tells the United States military how to prevail over and evict the Indians from their own land. Foot helicopters or is it heliCOPCAs, sophisticated arms with commandos galore, in the still watches of the night preferably at 20 to 50 below zero and other advanced military strategies. He should have been in Vietnam where the foreign advisors gave the wrong advice. We are further to suppose that General Blair shall lead the assault or is he only generous with other people's blood?

Blair says no Indians from Canada nor from any other United State has any right in New York State. How about foreigners from Europe where Blair's ancestors came from? The Indians did not put those boundary lines on their land. Mr. Blair himself is on foreign land - Red Man's land. Indians can only watch while Mr. Blair's society bring in hundreds of thousands of foreigners to Red Man's land. What would have happened if there was no Red Man's land in America? Mr. Blair would be starving in Europe. He should at least be grateful to Indians for signing these treaties which gave his people the right to occupy those huge concessions of Indian lands. If those treaties are invalid then those concessions of land are invalid and the land reverts back to the Indians. Mr. Blair shouldn't begrudge the Indians a comer of this huge land - so much of it empty. No, he wants the Indians to have nothing. No land, no human rights, no nationality, no government of their own, no surcease from sorrow, misery, and woe, no end to this oppression, persecution, discrimination, racism, bigotry, lies and hate. In his own hate literature, he wonders why Indians have become militant.

(Compiled by Louis Hall, secretary - GANIENKEH COUNCIL FIRE, GANIENKEH via Eagle Bay, New York 1331)