NO. 9 FEBRUARY 10, 1976


This is to reassure that I, Karoniaktajeh, author of the following Mohawk Ten Commandments, did not go up a mountain and get them from the Lord as the white man says his ancestor Moses did, but they were conceived in the mountains of Ganienkeh Territory of the Mohawks, under what has been called harsh conditions (fifty below) and lay no claims to be a prophet and divinely inspired nor that these Mohawk Commandments shall lead to any Paradise in the after-life but were designed to meet the problems on earth and uncover the secrets of peace and happiness in this earthly life. Certain Mohawks, oriented to think like their masters, shall not accept this, my

l. BE BRAVE AND FEARLESS as there can be no peace on earth for those who are in fear.
2. BE STRONG. In this hard cruel world, only the strong may know peace and happiness. To be weak is to invite aggression, oppression, tyranny, misery and woe.
3. FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS FOR ONLY THOSE WHO FIGHT for it can achieve human rights and respect. There is a right and a wrong way to fight. Always propose to fight in a clever way for he who fights in a clever way is equal to a thousand men.
4. MAINTAIN A STRONG NATIONAL INDEPENDENCE AND SOVEREIGNTY under the GREAT LAW OF PEACE - GAYANEREKOWA - and let your slogan be Peace, Righteousness, and Power for not one of these is possible without the other two. Let no power abolish your nation.
5. MAINTAIN YOUR OWN NATIONAL INITIATIVE and let no other nation control your destiny. Respect Nature's first law of SELF-PRESERVATION AND STOP ANY TRAITOR SEEKING TO DESTROY YOU AND YOUR PEOPLE for any nation which ignores this law stands condemned to extinction.
6. DEVELOP THE SPIRIT OF CO-OPERATION that your nation can rely completely on its own efforts. To become a competitive state is to create tensions, strife, panic, frenzy, fear, hate, bigotry, weakness and divisions.
7. THINK RIGHT so that YOU SHALL DO RIGHT and BE RIGHT for only the purely justice minded can achieve peace and happiness for all.
8. RESPECT THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS that your own rights may be respected and these rights include the right to live and be free, the right to a nationality, territory, government, possessions, freedom of speech, to think and believe as one seeks fit, human rights and to the pursuit of peace and happiness.
9. ACQUIRE WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE OF THE WORLD for only understanding among all people will misunderstanding and wars be eliminated. Let there be a special course of study on the subject of devising a proper moral government and that proper people be trained to operate this very important device to ensure the peace and happiness of mankind; and that a study be included to produce a most worthy economic system to eliminate poverty, misery and wretchedness. Let only those who pass a most rigid test on the subjects of government and economic knowledge be allowed to run governments and nations.
10. ACQUIRE ADVANCED HUMAN RELATIONSHIP. Human birth is an act of Nature and all humanity is equally subject to Nature's law of death. No one has the right of lordship over others. The more able only have the right to help those less able; the appointed leaders of governments only have the right to be the voice and will of the people that all may share the bounties of nature and know peace and happiness.


A cloak and dagger character turns a letter over to the police. It's a sinister letter destined for an Arms Company in Long Island or was it Connecticut? It's an order for 20 "sophisticated" rifles and 20,000 rounds of ammunition. The signature on the letter is Louis Hall (yours truly). The letter is sinister because the signature is forged and the "signatory" has never heard of the said Arms Company. The whole business was an attempt by a local racist opposition to our land repossession to discredit the Ganienkeh Indian Project and its pious (ahem) secretary whose signature was forged.

A copy of the letter found its way to the "Ganienkeh stronghold in the mountains" where the undiscredited secretary quietly compared the signature with another forgery which had appeared in a newsletter called COPCA (Confused Persons of Central Adirondacks) and they matched. And thereby hangs a tale.

When the land repossession was being planned, a suggestion was submitted to invite the help of the American Indian Movement who had pledged to help any and all Indians to fight oppression, persecution, discrimination, dispossession and all malfeasance in the handling of Indian Affairs. A letter was forthwith sent to their official contact man, Doug Durham (since proven a spy and traitor) who did not tam in the letter to Dennis Banks nor to the F.B.I. for whom he spied, but sold it to the John Birch Society who subsequently publicized the letter in their magazine.

Another shady character who had been fired from his job as an editor of a newspaper for "lack of journalistic integrity" - a kind word for crookedness - and who had been hired by COPCA to be their spokesman, picked up the article in the Birchers magazine and wrote an article for the COPCA newsletter, reprinting the letter. For some reason these Adironacks Confused Persons found it necessary to forge the signature for their own article in the COPCA newsletter.

This was the forged signature that matched the Arms Company letter's forged signature. Since the "intercepted" Arms letter was turned over to the police by the one time fired up editor, now director of publicity for COPCA and who wrote the article containing the letter to A.I.M. with its forged signature, it makes no great detective work to put two and two together. A member of COPCA has since told a radio reporter that the said ex- fired up editor is no longer with COPCA, intimating that he is again a fired editor. Intercepting the Arms letter was to have been a brilliant piece of detective work. As a detective he proved defective. When he turned the letter over to the police, instead of praises, they told him to stop messing around.

The COPCA Newsletter is again without anything to write about. They overworked their pictures of dumps which were there when we made the scene and which they blame on us. They are passing the buck on us for their own mess. The comedians are even calling Moss Lake "Mess Lake". Heaven sent or fall guys, that's us. We come on the place and they blame the mess on us.

Piously, they scream about the dried up trees we cut on our own land for firewood, ignoring the huge truck loads of our timber passing on the Big Moose Road. They groaned and moaned that our presence is a threat to the tourist trade and Old Forge reports their best tourist season ever. Publicity because of our land repossession put the place on the map. Maybe they're afraid we'll take over the tourist business. Fancy yours truly dancing to entertain bug-eyed tourists. Missed my calling. The said opposition newsletter even invokes cockeyed history in its hallowed pages and it comes out more awry than ever with some new inspired twists added. It must fool them or they wouldn't expect other people to be fooled.

NEWS FROM THE WEST: Goon squad keep in practice. With the death by murder of Byron Desersa, an A.I.M. supporter on January 31, three days after Albert Trimble defeated Dick Wilson in the elections at Pine Ridge, the idea that Wilson's good squads would scatter and disperse if Wilson is defeated, received a kick in the pants. Apparently, Dick is far from finished. It seems that the American Indian Movement is marked for extermination via the goon squad route. As if being oppressed by governments isn't bad enough, Indians also have to fight for survival against other Indians, who for some strange reason want to kill off their own race. Maybe those Indians slaughtering their own people were hypnotized. That they commit treason seems to be a matter of small moment. The penalty for that is also death. If Indians don't stop their traitors, there'll be no Indians left to fight for survival.