NO. 17 MARCH, 1978


A member of the United States Congress, Jack Cunningham, has introduced a bill called HR 9054, directing President Carter and Congress to abrogate all treaties made by the United States with the native Americans.

A treaty, in case anyone doesn't know, is a formal agreement between two or more nations on matters of peace, trade, etc. A treaty must be approved by two or more nations involved. To abrogate, repeal or annul a treaty, again the nations involved must agree and approve. It is an act of aggression for a nation to abrogate a treaty unilaterally. As treaties are made for the purpose of achieving and maintaining peace, it would seem that the United States has no use for peace.

A treaty may be abrogated by agreement or by war. By assumption, a nation abrogating a treaty unilaterally, places itself in a state of war. In brief, Congress and the President are being asked to declare war on the native American nations.

A treaty is the supreme law of the land. See United States Constitution Article VI. When the United States made treaties with the native Americans, it recognized the native Americans as nations, not tribes as only nations can make treaties. A nation once recognized as a nation remains a nation until it dissolves itself. No nation has the right to dissolve another nation. The United States in abrogating Indian treaties unilaterally, in effect, dissolves the Indian nations in contradiction to and in violation of international law.

According to the law, if a treaty is annulled, the conditions which prevailed before the treaty was made reverts and the huge concessions of land gained by the United States by virtue of Indian treaties is also annulled and the land goes back to the Indians. These are laws followed by all nations of the world. As it is our duty to fight all aggressions and oppressions by every means, one of which is to make the noise heard from one end of the world to the other, other nations shall know about the perfidy being proposed in the Congress of the United States. Foreign nations shall know that making a treaty with the United States doesn't mean anything. Treaties are made to be broken and it's the privilege of the United States to break them. This includes the laws that govern treaties. Panama shall know that making a treaty with Uncle Sam doesn't mean a thing. All other nations who have made treaties with the United States beware!!!

Seeing this, all other nations of the world may observe: "This is, indeed, an outlaw nation. We may have to deal with this nation in the future as an enemy." This projected act of lawlessness by the United States Congress may be ominous to the rest of the world. Every subsequent act and intentions of the United States will be regarded with suspicion and distrust. Some foreign nations may feel that their existence is threatened by this terrible engine of destruction and make a sudden surprise attack to destroy it, feeling justified in defending themselves. It may come to pass that all nations feel that the United States is a threat to the peace of the world.

The United States must feel safe from the rest of the world and especially from the Indians. They must feel secure in the size of the United States nation and in its fire power. A chain is as strong as its weakest link.

Uncle Sam has many such weak links. A big nation with weak links is a weak nation. Even the Indians moving in a certain way can upset the United States applecart. No one is safe, baby, no one is safe.

There is much fear in the world. The people in power in the United States must feel threatened by the resurgence of the Indian nations in America. To the point that they will sacrifice their own good people to the tender mercies of a global war which can start at any moment by a wrong word and wrong action. Unilateral abrogation of treaties is wrong action and words used to explain the action are wrong words. It marks the United States as a possible world aggressor. Fear is going to turn on the next big war.

The treaties recognize Indians as separate nations from the United States. The proposed abrogation of the treaties will dissolve (it is hoped) whatever nationality or nationness Indians may have left. The design is to absorb the Indian race. In brief, the Indians are to suffer extinction. Instead of signing the genocide treaty, the United States is being asked to commit genocide. What big brother United States does, Canada follows and the aboriginal natives are threatened in all America with oblivion.

It is time for Indians to "flock to the colors" and fight this big threat of extinction. There is a right and wrong way to fight. Let's fight in a clever way. One of the weapons to use is publicity. Such as the big Walk from California to Washington. Let's have press conferences and tell the general public what our rights are and their own danger created by their irresponsible politicians. Let's make billboard signs big enough to tell all. Posters plastered all over the place. Newspapers screaming the outrage. Radio and TV appearances. If you like this message, make copies and give it to all and sundry. Make parts of it into posters.

There are talking people and there are action people. The speakers should caution the general public that if the proposed perfidy is carried out, it is logical to expect the action people to follow with action programs as the Indians have to defend themselves. This is all we Onkwehonweh shall do by every means.


Compiled by Karoniaktajeh, Secretary, GANIENKEH COUNCIL FIRE