NO. 20 JANUARY 19, 1979


Indians make much of the fact that the white man promised welfare and education in treaties and other documents of expedience. Let's look at the business of what effects it has produced. First, what is the purpose of welfare? We must go back to history to get the picture. The Greeks had a word for it or rather the experience. And a hard one it was. During the classic Greek era lasting some 2,000 years, they suffered or enjoyed three cycles of the same experience. Each cycle began with every one being very moral and good. The someone got rich, then another and another. Every time some one got rich, some people became poor. It came to pass that a few became super rich and many of the other rich joined the poor. The super rich exploited all the other people. Called them "the monster which must be kept weak and bleeding". Eventually the "monster", that is; the poor, organized and threw over the super rich after quite a struggle. The God Zeus failed the poor people as did the king and all the officials. They had prayed and prayed to Zeus and pleaded over and over again with the officials. After the struggle and the disillusioned and disgruntled poor had prevailed, they fired Zeus and adopted a new God Dionysus. They executed all the officials and started anew. Everyone was again moral and good. Then someone got rich, then another and another. Each of the three cycles had the same beautiful start and the same terrible ending.

The entire world is in the same position today, not only one country Greece. The super rich once against runs humanity. Again the masses are "the monster which must be kept weak and bleeding". The world is at the end of the same cycle but this time, the super rich have a weapon which keeps "the monster weak" and that's welfare. The poor who would have arose and overcome the super rich are pacified and rendered harmless. In brief, welfare is a bribe to the poor. With one clever stroke, the super rich neutralized millions of a prospective enemy. Some jobs pay less than what the welfare recipients get. People on welfare in the United States and Canada number in the millions. They include a majority of the Indian population.

What are the effects of welfare? People on welfare get enough so it's biting the hand that feeds them to participate in demonstrations, fighting for Indian rights, regaining lost land and restoring national sovereignty and independence. Besides suppressing the fighting spirit, welfare also destroys initiative, so badly needed by Indians to fight for survival as a people and race of indigenous nations. Regarding the super rich and their own poor white people, were it not for welfare there would surely have been a civil war by now.

To be sure, many Indians are at the point of starvation and would have perished without welfare. Who created this situation were Indians cannot even eke out a living? The same people handing out welfare. "I got you where I want you!" Indians lived millions of years without welfare. With welfare, white man made sure Indians shall be no trouble politics-wise.

They promised education. Why? Not hard to see. They brainwashed the Indians to see "reality" from the same viewpoint as do the white people. In brief, they educate the Indians to join the white people and be absorbed by the white race until not even traces of the Indian race shall be left. It seems to be a natural thing for the white man to play God. Recreate the Injun in his own image. It is the duty of the Indians to fight for racial and national survival. They were created Onkwehonwe and should stay Onkwehonwe.

What is the solution to the problem? Indians must return to the land. Plant every available acre. All free Indians should act on this. Welfare Indians are captive Indians and cannot participate. Only when the depression looming on the horizon happens shall the Indian welfare recipients stir from their easy chairs before TV sets and start to do some thinking. There is no welfare during depression. The governments cannot afford it. There is money somewhere. Try and get it. Welfare Indians shall then get into the act. Muscles long softened up and weakened shall be rehabilitated. They might even rear up on their hind legs and fight for lost nationhoods. The United Nations guarantees the right to nationhood for every one on earth. Indians shall then work to regain some of their lost lands where they can have their own free independent territory, their own government and society. Sounds familiar? Yes, it's the Ganienkeh experience.

In the Indian system, there's no need for welfare. Economically, the nation is a big cooperative and everyone is a member pledged to help each other. It is the solution to the problems of Indians. Use the system of our ancestors. It's not too late.