NO. 22 MARCH 15, 1979

(Our white friends say that many supporters are turned off by such expressions as racism, racist, oppression, paleface, whitey and others. So, we send only to Indians. Don't like to hurt white man's tender feelings even if he doesn't give a damn about our feelings when he writes about us in newspapers. Our purpose is to send information and ideas to our brother Onkwehonwe. How they can best fight for racial and national survival, sovereignty and self-sufficiency. Brains plus action bring best results.)


Friends, Mohawks and fellow native Americans, lend us your wisdom! We have a problem to submit for your kind and wise consideration. Here are the facts. The following flyer was distributed among the Indian people of Kahnawake (Caughnawaga):


To the People of Kahnawake:

Your support of Mr. Donald Home and the Caughnawaga Social Services would be appreciated in this new regulation known as Youth Protection Law 24. This law will be in effect on our land at least until such time as we have made our own laws dealing with Youth Protection. Thank you.

In Peace and Friendship,

Chief Andrew T. Delisle

Mr. Donald Horne, Director Caughnawaga Social Services, in the preamble to the flyer, says in part: "This law 24 is in effect all over Quebec and is seen by most people as a law that truly sees to the rights and needs of children."

Under the Act the Director of Youth Protection will be given limited new powers. 1) The Director and his delegates may enter any premises or place in which there is a child whose security or development may be considered to be endangered without having to obtain a warrant. (! ! ! !) 2) The Director can if the situation is urgent enough, immediately remove the children from his present environment, without a court order. (!!!!)

The civil rights of the people of Caughnawaga are certainly being curtailed when "the Director may enter any home without a warrant and remove a child from his mother without a court order." It's bad enough that Indian children can be removed from their parents with warrants and court orders. What's the difference, sez you? They're removed just as speedily and effectively, with or without court order. The new law even says that the court shall be used on occasion. Since the children are removed just as easily with warrants and court orders, then why should the people's rights be curtailed? Ah! brothers, now we're getting hot. Other abuses follow curtailment of civil rights!

If one consults the book GESTAPO by Roger Manvell, one finds the same curtailments of civil rights by the Police State in Germany during the 30's when the little corporal came into power. German kids were grabbed off without a warrant or court order, indoctrinated and turned into first class SS men and women. Trained killers and "monsters" of World War II. Aryan models of the master race. And this is going on all over Quebec not only on Indian reserves? It augurs an ominous future, not only for Indians but also for the white people. Shades of Himmler, Canada's Indian Affairs is even going to force a sports program on the Indian youth just like Germany did in the thirties.

This GESTAPO procedure is being implemented on the Indians of Caughnawaga by some of their own! Very clever, Rene of boy! It surely doesn't mean that the two Indian names in the flyer are in cahoots with Rene Levesque's new nation of Quebec. They are government employees and must do and say what the government tells them. They are the patsies and fall guys.

We who were around in the 30's and 40's and saw the success of SS indoctrination of German youth can appreciate this sly trick by the Quebec government. Machiavelli would have wiggled in delight. Monsieur Levesque, what a mean fighter you turned out to be! A resourceful, ruthless antagonist. It would be an honor and privilege to cross tomahawks with you. I'm sure you'll not give nor ask for quarter. What a sweet revenge on the British and Les Iroquois it must be! It is a drink of the gods - nepenthe. Though Les Iroquois were betrayed by the British and descended into the same oppressed state as you were, they must perforce suffer the same misery as shall the British in the new Nation due Quebec. They say you have us where you want us.

So, O Ye citizens of the Mohawk Nation and other worthy native North American Onkwehonwe, what is your decision in this new aggression against us? How best to resist this slick oppression? It is time to get the best fighting minds together. Let us examine Monsieur Rene's strong chain and look for the weak links. It is time to begin to fight!

Joining the poetic parade...

Walked he the gloomy forest,
Where trod his mighty ancestors.
By a secluded glade he paused to rest,
Whilst juggled he his transistors,
An horrid blast shatters the stillness!
An agonized song of technologic madness,
Further insulting a brooding Nature,
With noise polluted by ruinous culture.
Ah! spirit o' ancient warriors of old,
Help this day's lost wretch to behold
A better, brighter and happier tomorrow,
A surcease from today's Red Man's sorrow,
From yesterday's lost three hundred years,
Victory in our future struggles and fears,
Send down those rousing songs of yore!
Beat the drums of ancient Red Man's lore;
To hell with civilization's tired beat!
Give me primordial rhythm for my dancing feet!
According to the gospel of MANIFEST DESTINY...

"The Meek shall inherit the earth! Go all ye meek
sons, slay all resisting Indian holders of land and
also those who don't resist. Where arms and
military might fail, lies, promises, tricky treaties
and our holy men shall prevail. I have spoken!"
Missionaries taught Indians to be meek and
humble. After the Indians became properly
meek, the unmeek and unhumble settler of
Manifest Destiny moved in and became
impossible to unsettle.
Meanwhile, the Indians became imbued with
meekness and generosity. Gave away huge
chunks of land and even continents. Yes,
it pays to be meek and humble, if you're a
white person and there are Indians around.
You can inherit the Red Man's land.