NO. 24 MAY, 1979


The most important things in the world are peace and happiness. Their requisites are food, shelter, clothing (temperate zones), proper human relationship, order (to keep the peace) and economic system which abolishes poverty. One is not at peace when one is not happy. There are those who are happy when they are not at peace. These are the oppressors and war profiteers. They have no use for peace.

People all over the world are concerned about the elusiveness of peace. There are many promoters of peace. They urge all the people to follow them in the ways of peace. There are thousands of religions which proclaim peace. They have followers. Some of the great religions have hundreds of millions of followers. In spite of all this peacemaking, there is a singular lack of peace in the world. There are those who talk of peace and make profits in the billions out of war and other kinds of strife. There is a universal cry of peace but not every one in the world is interested in peace. Not all will follow the promoter of peace.

It would seem that nature created certain peaceful people and others who will be rapacious and ravenous. They shall prey on their fellow men. A study of nature reveals that all humans are born greedy but many grow out of it. What makes it hard to grow out of a greedy nature in the white man's culture of possession, centered around what he has, what he can get and the means by which to get it. All his institutions, from education to government is based on possession. The Indian culture is known as the culture of the human. Ancient red man sought to glorify the human, physically, mentally and morally. No competition is this culture, which made its advancement in technology very slow. The competition in white man's culture is frenzied and even panicked which, while it has made it possible for the white man to make great advances in technology, makes peace impossible. The culture of possession makes greed compulsive.

The culture of the human makes the Onkwehonwe receptive to peace overtures. It also makes them easy victims to the tricky practitioners of the culture of possession. The Onkwehonwe respond instinctively to peace proposals. They are a pushover to the peace promoter, bonafide or rogue. The clue to the solution of the peace problem is right there. The Onkwehonwe want peace. In order to make anyone do what they want them to do, you have to make them want to do it. The idea is to make the unpeaceful want peace. Since so many of the white people also want peace then the work is comparatively "simplified". You now have to go after those who do not want peace. The problem is they don't need peace. They got the "free world" by the tail. For them, it's not profitable to have peace. The thing to do is to make them want peace. Simple, sez you. To billions of others it's a mystery but to you, it's as clear as glass.

There are those who advise us that the only way to achieve peace is by peaceful means. To approach the peace destroyers with words dripping with honey and show them the errors of their ways. In accents swept, tell them that profits are not everything. It's more profitable to have peace than to have huge profit disregarding the fact that it's huge profits that make them happy. It's their happiness they're concerned with, not yours. Indians have been using this method for the last two centuries. Despite the sweet approach, they've been losing more lands, rights and people. Yes, many of our people are joining the white race. Maybe they hope to darken the race. White may seem a sickly and sterile color but it doesn't stop their aggressiveness. If all Indians join them, that's the end of the red race. The situation may be nature's way of ridding the Indian race of it's weaklings.

Starting with individuals, who has any peace? We have seen that the meek, mild and humble people are the most trampled upon. Because they don't fight back. What a sweet set up for bullies! It doesn't pay to bully the strong and fighting people. One can receive more than one gives. It's the strong who get any peace. It's a tribute to fear. It's not goodwill and cheer that makes peace. It's fear. Fear of retribution. That's how the peace destroying bullies of mankind are. They're only peaceful when they're afraid not to be. You don't have to worry about the naturally peaceful people. They don't want trouble.

Now, we know who are the enemies of peace. They're in control of all the "free and unfree" governments of the world. They are overrich, overfed, and overpay themselves. They, themselves, are not necessarily in the governments. They are in control by way of the money market. As long as they are in control, they'll never be peace. Indians have approached the tycoon controlled governments with their grievances. The Indians are motivated by the highest of motives - peace. The governments are motivated by the basest of motives - profits. It's not profitable to grant the Indians peace for the Indians are no threat to the peace of the profiteers. It's profitable to grant peace to Indians only when the Indians are a threat to the profiteers' peace. No sweet words can make governments honor solemn international treaties they made with Indians. Why does the "great white father" speak so patronizingly to Indians? Because "the Indians have no bargaining power."

The United States government even funds a school for medicine men (spiritual advisors) to keep Indians from having bargaining power. The said spiritual advisors advise the young spirited Indians, "Don't do anything to make the white man mad. He's too strong." Spiritual advisors do their best to kill the fighting spirit of young Indians by their voices of doom and pessimism. They urge spiritual ceremonies and to wait for the Creator to do their work for them.

On the positive side, Warrior Societies are being reorganized in various places all over the continent. They are learning ways to obtain bargaining power. Uncle Sam is strong alright. Less strong is Canada and Mexico, but they too feel just as secure from the Indians. Is this feeling of security valid? Just as a chain is as strong as its weakest link, Uncle Sam and these other countries have many weak links. So much so, that they are actually at the mercy of the Indians or any other potential enemy. It's not any secret. May people in the United States are in turmoil over it. To indulge their profits weakness, all the nuclear nations have installations which are actually monsters that can destroy their makers. All the opposition needs to do is sabotage these plants and start a reign of terror worse than the Inquisition which took 600 years to destroy 300 million infidels and heretics. This is giving away no secret as millions of people in the United States are aware of it and are fighting to get all nuclear installations dismantled. If they want a professional opinion, the governments should as their war departments. "What can Warrior Societies do?" They'll be told that the Warrior Societies can do plenty.

Yes, the oppressive governments have to be good to Indians now. Restoring some of the dispossessed lands back to the Indians is in the category of being good. So, the Indians can grow their own food, provide their own livelihood, have their own style proven governments, their own education, justice, housing, etc. These, boys and girls, are the prospects in the near future. All Indians have to do is work at it.