NO. 25 JUNE, 1979


According to the story, the band council of Caughnawaga ordered the "Indian" police to close down the two quarries scooping huge holes out of Mother Earth. The said band council (called bandit council by the unkind) claim to have organized the Indian police force and that it's the band council's police and they enforce the band laws.

It would seem more proper to say that since it's not the band council that pays the police salary but the Federal Government (60%) and the Quebec Government (40%) and that soon Quebec will be paying alone, then it must be Mons. Levesque's police. When the Indian police refused to close the quarry run by white men, they said that they enforce the laws of Canada. They did close the Indian run quarry which should be a cause for reflection. Even if the band council did organize the Indian police, an outside force supersedes the orders given by the band council. The band law is the Indian Act legislated by the Dominant Tribe (Dominion of Canada) it follows that it's a law of Canada not a law made by Onkwehonwe. In brief, only when the party who pays the police "Indian" orders them to close quarries, then they shall obey. The band council fired the Indian police, every mother son of them. This left the band council up cess creek but being Injunious they decided to send the PEOPLE to close the white man's quarry, but peacefully. You know, no guns. The said PEOPLE asked: "How about the Quebec Provincial Police? They'll be called in and they use guns." The band council said: "That's alright. Let them shoot first." That, having been settled to the people's satisfaction, they inquired: "Who's gonna lead?" They couldn't get a leader because the chief band councillor didn't want to lead the people and everybody else wanted to be the leader.

Meanwhile, they had passed around a sample of the law of the new Indian government to be, with the intriguing title of "Constitution and By Laws of Caughnawaga". It is presumably being submitted to the Caughnawaga "tribe" (word used in said constitution) as an example of the law to be legislated by the proposed Indian government. The proposed Constitution has six articles with only titles to beguile the reader. The By Laws has seven articles also only with titles.

The words "laws of Canada" which were crossed out and contradictory terms in Article 1, such as "territory" and "reserve" suggests that it was written by an official of the Dominant Tribe. Either the writer for the Dominant Tribe is naive or he thinks the Indians are. The accompanying article entitled "Powers Which Should be Held By Band Governments" exposes the said Dominant Tribe scribe. The Indian Act Committee is credited for giving their blessings on a list of powers for "band governments" based on a section of the BNA Act, hardly a native Onkwehonwe devise. To be a nation you gotta devise your own law, not based on anybody else's law. Who's making this Indian government anyway, the Indians or the Federal government of Canada? In No. 8 on the list, the word "municipal" is crossed out. We are to assume it's the Dominant Tribe which is crossing out it's own words.

No. 3 "To tax within the reserve." No kidding there, of boy. The proposed Indian government proposes to give itself the power to tax the folks. It says so right there. It also says "reserve" not a territory. It looks like the same old reservation system with the band council given added powers like imposing taxes on their own people, to license projected saloons and gambling, in fact, all the trappings of enfranchisement. It's the goal of the Indian Act being realized. Under "police powers", the following is proposed: "TO EXERCISE THE POLICE POWER OF THE CAUGHNAWAGA RESERVE"...A police state seems to be projected.

A couple of weeks before, the Indian police of Akwesasne were asked to resign. The people are disenchanted with Indian police forces. The Akwesasne Indian police, paid by Franklin County, arrested and beat up Loran Thompson, a traditional Mohawk Chief, because he stood up for his rights. One consistent thing about Indian police. They don't discriminate. They beat up everybody. To please their white masters. They also believe in equality. When they beat up the Mohawk Chief - by the way, it took nine of them, five Indian police and four State troopers - they also beat up a woman in her seventies. Sent her to the hospital. Even used the billy club on her. That's giving equality to the sexes.

When screening applicants for the Indian police force, they choose the most ruthless and violent hopefuls. After all, they shall be working for oppressive tyranny against their own people. They are given guns, clubs, tear gas, riot guns, shotguns, mace and goodness knows what else for use against their own people. Indian police are destroyed people, casualties of the psychological warfare waged on the Indians. They are used to harass the Indian people, especially those fighting for national and racial survival. Many Indian leaders were murdered by Indian police, notably Sitting Bull and others. They use Indians against Indians because they are harder on their own people.

Tuesday, June 12, was the day set for the PEOPLE to gather at the Rivermont Quarry, the one operated by white men. Very thoughtfully, they closed the quarry themselves. Acting together with the other quarry, they sued the band council, who decided to close the quarries because they were cheating the band council. According to the band council, they are $300,000 behind in payment.

Both quarries blame their employees for being unable to meet payments and now they'll get some money by court action from the band council to pay the band council. This may seem like a mystery to the reader but to business men on the rez it's standard and normal practice. It used to be that Indians on the rez can't be sued. Here's a couple of quarries suing the band council on an Injun reservation. That's progress. We're getting there. If the Injuns go to court they would be violating treaties and the Great Law, but they've already done that when they accepted the Injun Act. They cannot plead sovereign immunity because they are a "band" and not a nation. To be able to plead sovereign immunity, they would have to renounce their citizenship in the nation of Canada by reinstating in the historic Mohawk nation of the Six Nations Confederacy.

The trip to England by 350 or so band council chiefs is slated for June or July. The exact date must be a military secret. The purpose of the trip is to protest the repatriation of the British North America Act and to see Queen Elizabeth and ask for her help.

New development in the case of the closed quarries. They are back in operation by court order. That's just the Bossy Society's way of showing the band council that life at best is no bed of roses.

We Injun Chiefs from Canada are come
To Merry Ole England's ancient Kingdom,
To visit Our Protector in her fortress,
We beg reception by Her Royal Highness
The Queen, Our Good Queen Bess,
"How! O Magnificence and Majesty!
O Greatest Mortal we ever didst see!
Grant thy Red Sons the precious boon
Of they protection from perils coming soon!
Save! Oh Save us from Rene Levesque,
Ripping conqueror and plunderer of Quebec
Conspires he to grab every Indian reservation
They Crow Lands under they mighty protection.
Deliver us from the BNA patriation.
Save us, they wretches, from racial extirpation!"
Her Majesty sat and pondered a while,
As befits a Sovereign, smiling a sad smile.
At length she spoke, ah! what golden accent!
Honey dripping tones of music from heaven sent.
"Arise! nine Indian Sons and poor noble wretches,
I, too, have to lick their boots, the sons of bitches!
To hang on to mine precious Queendomhood. Alas!
I may be the last of the Great White Mamas.
Propose they to put me on a pension!
And my palace turn into a tourist attraction!
Great Britain, say they, can't afford a Queen.
"Tis now Little Britain, a mighty has been.
Say I, bad cess on the whole bloody mass,
A bad day has fallen on Your Good Queen Bess
Am I about to join thee in dark despair,
Mine golden throne tottering in evil disrepair.
Let us, dear Red Children, weep together
And dream of other great times that were!"
On this scene of wretchedness, misery and woe,
Let us ponder the wisdom and lessons of long ago.