NO. 27 AUGUST, 1979


Akwesasne was given a new occasion to fight for treaty rights. The bossy (dominant) society is so used to trampling on Indian rights that it is a matter of the first magnitude if the Indians fight back.

The first inkling the traditional community had of new encroachments and usurpation was the word that reached one of the owners of a private property that intruders were cutting down trees without even bothering to tell the owners. This was a United States federally funded project of "marking the Indian Reserve boundary line. Incidentally, they were cutting trees on an area marked for a future nuclear power plant. The United States Government device, a tribal council, did not question the whys and wherefores of the tree cutting project. Theirs is only to obey and so got their Young Adults Conservation Corps busy cutting down trees without notifying the owners nor asking for permission.

They had cut down quite a swath before one of the owners, Chief Kanasaraken (Loren Thompson) or the traditional Mohawk Nation, put a stop to the cutting and confiscated their tools pending some kind of settlement wit the puppet tribal council. The word puppet is used advisedly because the tribal council in the United States and the band council in Canada are set up in such a way they can only dance to the strings pulled by the Indian Affairs department. At first, the tribal council agreed to a meeting to discuss the matter of the intrusion on private property. They set a date for the peaceful settlement. Other forces did not want to see a peaceful settlement. Some people with control and authority over the tribal council got them to lay a charge of grand larceny on Chief Kanasaraken in the matter of the confiscation of the project tools. They did days before the schedule meeting.

Not expecting anything but a peaceful conclusion to the intrusion affair, Chief Kanasaraken was surprised at his home by five Indian police and four State troopers who gang beat him and a 75 year old woman who was visiting the house, with billy clubs in front of other visitors and the family of the victim. They dragged him to jail in Malone. The aged woman was taken to a hospital. He was later released pending a hearing.

Here we see that the dominant society can order intrusion on your property and if you protest, beat you up and drag you off to their jail. They call it justice. They also lay claim to the civilized state and righteousness. The dominant society are descendants of the people who made the treaties with the Six Nations Confederacy, which said treaties confirm the sovereignty and national independence of the said Six Nations Confederacy. According to the treaty rights, the people of the Six Nations cannot be sued nor summoned to any United States court unless the consent. The international 1794 Canadaigua Treaty provides the procedure to follow in the event of physical or civil disputes or offenses committed by either side.

In time other Mohawks were added to the list of indictments by the grand jury. The new comers weren't at the property intrusion nor at the home of Kanasaraken when he was brutally beaten by the police. They came in response to appeals for help in resisting treaty violations and mockery of justice. Along with Chief Kanasaraken, they all refuse to go to court on the grounds of sovereign immunity confirmed by the 1794 Canadaigua Treaty. They intend to fight it out with guns if necessary. They intend that the terms of the 1794 treaty shall be followed and honored in Akwesasne. They built bunkers surrounding the home of Kanasaraken, manned by the Warrior Society, men and women.

In brief, the tribal council was ordered to lay charges. The influence behind the tribal council know the traditional Mohawks shall fight and they want the followers of the tribal council to fight the traditionals - Indians against Indians - with the instigators smirking behind the scene. The negotiations between the State and the traditional Mohawks scheduled for thursday, August 16, was cancelled due to machinations by people interested in seeing Indians murdering each other. The tribal council believing in everything their masters tell them, were eager to start the trouble, thinking that the State troopers would do the fighting for them. The negotiations being cancelled, the dominant society were laying back expecting the Indians to fight each other.

Then somebody got tired of waiting. The word reached us that the S.W.A.T. squads were being readied to attack the fortified Kanasaraken home and Ganienkeh itself. Both areas are on the alert. Resistance parties are beefed up and ready. Suddenly, we get another word. Interested white friends of the Indians, wishing to see peace restored did some calling on the telephone and the cancelled negotiations are to begin. On the said August 16, instead of negotiating, the State troopers were at our gate for some 45 minutes. We were later told it was to frighten us. As we didn't know we couldn't oblige. Days later when the authorities were asked why State troopers were at our gate, they said it was to protect us from Akwesasne tribal council vigilante followers who were coming to attack Ganienkeh. Failing to sic one tribal Injun vigilantes on us they are now trying to sic us on the "Injun vigilantes". It was hinted to us that it's a subtle way to make Indians fight each other. The method they used to six the Injun vigilantes on us was so subtle the said vigilantes did not catch on. This time, the troopers gathering at our gate was to subtly sic us on the tribal council's vigilantes. It was too subtle for us. We thought the State troopers were just loafing at an interesting place. Other people thought it was a show of strength. They didn't look too strong.


We recall the sensational tabloids telling of psychological killers who wanted to be stopped in their orgy of murder, but who used all their wiles and wits to avoid capture. They were under the spell of an obsession to kill. Operating alone, they struck and vanished. Some of them were caught.

A special kind of psychological destroyers of all living species have made their debut into the world of obsessed madness. They are obsessed by big profits motive. It's a mental illness that goes back to the beginning of mankind when men first began to practice the culture of possession. It is now part of their instinct. To indulge this particular culture, one must exploit one's fellow humans. It is not just a matter of survival, of keeping up with the Joneses and exceeding them but also of even exploiting the Joneses. The will to become super rich.

The super rich are only a handful. It' a poor day for them when they make only a million dollars. They are on a big profit making kick and nothing can get them off this glory road to billions and more billions. Unkind fate threw nuclear physics in their way. The greedily picked it up. Here was new and tremendous profits. No scientific logic nor human appeals can turn them off the path to destruction. They simply cannot stop themselves. They're on a psychological obsession of profit making no matter if it kills all living creatures including themselves. They can only be stopped by forces outside of themselves. They, too, may be silently begging to be stopped but they shall marshal all their considerable forces, tremendous wealthy and mighty connections to put a stop to any attempt to stop them.

"Stop us before we kill everyone, but baby, you will have to use every conceivable dirty trick in existence, every unconscionable intrigue and super propaganda because we sure as hell aren't going to let you stop us." So, boys and girls, those folks will have to be physically stopped to save mankind. A scientist was quoted as observing that nuclear war is not such a bad thing. There is too much population. In such a war, only the fittest shall survive and "for all we know, it may be a better world after." It is science that has brought the world to this brink of world disaster and it is a scientific opinion that it is the answer to the problems of the world. Kill most of the people. It is a scientific solution.