NO. 32 MARCH, 1980


It grows upon us here in Ganienkeh that though we've been around for a number of years, our own people have no knowledge of what we are and what Ganienkeh is all about. The full story would require a book. When the repossession of an area of the Ganienkeh Territory was planned, it was obvious that a project such as the Ganienkeh Indian Project cannot be implemented on an Indian reservation. The main opposition would be the governments, United States or Canada, but when you add the satellite Indians on the reservation to the ranks of the opposition it becomes ridiculous.

As an example, when the Warrior Society decided to evict the non-Indian resident trespassers in the Caughnawaga reservation who weren't satisfied with having all the rest of Canada but were also trying to overcrowd the Indians out of the reservations, the Indian's "last inch of land and last blade of grass." The eviction movement was one of desperation. Indians face certain oblivion and extinction if the governments, United States and Canada, succeed with their assimilation policy. The Warrior Society was revived for the purpose of fighting to restore human rights for the native Onkwehonwe. On the other hand, the band council wanted to show their boss, the Department of Indian Affairs, how faithful and dedicated they were to their will and wishes. They took out warrants for the arrest of twenty-four people whom they thought were key figures in the Warrior Society. Charged them with criminal offenses. That must have caused a laugh in the Indian Department. Injuns against Injuns once more. Without any help from the said department or even any advice or orders, they went ahead and tried to call in the Canadian army. How the puppet Injuns wanted to get rid of the traditional Mohawks to please their masters! The army did not respond. The R.C.M.P. did not respond. The Quebec Provincial Police heeded the call. Came to fight for the puppet Indian council. Against the traditional Mohawks who were trying to do something for the Caughnawaga Indians. The actions of the Q.P. Police caused a major riot. The police station was stormed by enraged people. Police cars turned over. Quebec riot squad beaten up. The area around the threatened Long House was thick with people armed to the teeth. Even girls were walking around with high powered rifles slung over their shoulders. The siege lasted one month.

To implement the Ganienkeh Indian Project on the reservation, the traditional Mohawks would have had to fight not only with the white man's governments but also their own brainwashed Indian people who wanted to maintain the horrendous status quo, welfare and other funding they get from the "dominant society" (it means bossy). It would have meant fighting to the death with their own Indian people much to the satisfaction of the said dominating society. After talking it over, the Warrior Society decided to go where the Mohawks have aboriginal, natural and legal title to the land, the ancient homeland of Ganienkeh. The Mohawk Council meeting in the traditional Long House at Caughnawaga sanctioned the plan on November 25, 1973.

According to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, every one has the right to a nationality. No one may be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality. The Ganienkehaga (Mohawk) is our nationality and no one has the right to deprive us of this nationality. Our nation has the right to exist just as every nation on earth has the right to exist. Our nation has the right to an area of land for its territory just as other actions have the right to their own territories. Every nation on earth has the right to exercise its own government. It follows that we also have this right. reservation ...under the bootheel of another nation. No nation has the right to hold a captive nation. POSSESSION: White man says it's necessary to have a deed or a certificate of possession before you have the right to own land. Nature did not give certificates of possession to people she assigned to various areas of the world. Did Russia, Germany, or any other nation get their deed from other actions giving them the right to own their own land? The Mohawks lived in and used their territory thousands of years before there were such things as deeds or even before paper was developed. The Treaty of Canadaiqua of 1794 confirms the sovereignty and independence of the Six Nations Confederacy.

THE SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT which prevails in Ganienkeh is the ages old traditional Mohawk government of the Six Nations Confederacy. The law being used is Gayanerekowa, the Constitution of the Iroquois Confederacy, world's first national constitution and code of human rights. The United States was the first white nation to copy provisions from Gayanerekowa to devise their own national constitution but it is noticeable that they did not copy all the rights of the people in Gayanerekowa. This enables them to subtly oppress their own people. It is the duty of the Warrior Society to defend and protect the people and to enforce the Constitution which is also known as the Great Law. Ganienkeh is not a reservation. Reservations are under the control of white man's governments. Ganienkeh is a territory under the control of the Mohawk people's government of Ganienkeh. They decide what happens here or who enters the territory.

An important goal of the GANIENKEH INDIAN PROJECT is to improve the life condition of the American Indians, not only the Mohawk nation. The cooperative farm community system is particularly suited to Indians. It is the solution to the problems of Indians. A study of thriving cooperative farm communities reveals that the system eliminates poverty. Many Indians living on reserves and in cities exist in extreme poverty. The situation has resulted in the high incidence of alcoholism, drug addiction, high rate of suicide and life expectancy of only 34 years (1965).

THE GANIENKEH INDIAN PROJECT represents a big ray of hope to the demoralized, downtrodden, oppressed and destroyed people. It gives the Onkwehonwe a way of lifting themselves from their deep depression. It gives them a chance to do it themselves. Indians have often been told in the past that if they are to experience any social change, they'll have to do it themselves. It's no use to expect the Canadian or United States governments to improve the life condition of the Onkwehonwe. The said governments oppress even their own people, besides that it's the said governments' policy to assimilate and absorb the red race. Make the Injun into legal imitation paleface called "American" or "Naturalized Canadian" of Injun descent. Remake the Injun in the paleface image. Best image in the world. No help there for the Onkwehonwe fighting to survive as the Onkwehonwe he was created to be. If the Creator wanted the Injun to be a legal paleface, he would have created him so in the first place. It's no use to wait for the Creator to make the social change. The Creator put man on earth, gave him land to live on and enjoy. Gave him a mind to think with, eyes to see, ears to hear with, mouths to speak with, arms and legs to fight with for his rights.

In brief, the Creator gave man all the tools he needs to keep the land he was given. If the people are weak and keep losing their land to others then the solution is to get strong. One has to work at that also. It's no use expecting the Creator to give you your land back every time you lose it. If you can't hang on to your land, maybe you don't deserve to have land. In order to deserve to have land, you have to be able to keep it from your enemies. You have to become a good, strong, determined fighter able to use all the tools given to you by the Creator for the purpose. The biggest requirement is brains. With brains you can fight in a clever way. A man who fights in a clever way is equal to a thousand men. It takes only a thousand men fighting in a certain way to overpower any nation no matter how strong it is.

THE FINAL GOALS of the GANIENKEH INDIAN PROJECT are the peace and happiness of the people and to that end the co-op community system is being utilized which features the cooperation between members instead of competition which breeds tensions, panic, strife, frenzy, bigotry, envy and hate. Well run cooperative communities will make the Indians financially independent, no small benefit to both Indians and white people who complain of the welfare relief and other services they give to Indians. Such expressions as "Indian welfare bums" shall be a thing of the past as well as the short life expectancy of 34 years. Indians finding themselves on their feet and doing things for themselves shall be greatly rehabilitated. The incidence of destroyed Indian people shall be greatly reduced. It is a way to restore the Indians to the human estate. So many Indians are unable to find employment in cities and on their own reserves. Being members of their own cooperative community will make a big change in their lives. The requirements of the project was enough land to grow more than enough food to support all traditional Indians who may want to join us and live the traditional life style and for Indians living far away who may need food desperately. Also needed is enough pasture land for beef cattle and buffalo. Enough timber land for building materials. The cooperative farm community system was used by our ancestors a long time ago. It worked well for them just as it is working well now for the Mennonites, Hutterites, Amish, etc. While our immediate ancestors became brainwashed and pauperized some smart palefaces picked up the Injun system and have lived happily ever after.