NO. 33 APRIL, 1980


An old enemy of the early days of the Moss Lake occupation has resurfaced. Mike Blair, spokesman of defunct racist COPCA, recently wrote an article in his traditional fascist style in the SPOTLIGHT news, bringing back nostalgic memories. We first heard of Monsieur Blair when he suddenly broke into "big time" in 1975 using us as stepping stones. The story seeped into Ganienkeh about a study being made of the Ganienkeh Territory repossession by an ex-editor of a small town newspaper, who had been fired from his job because of "lack of journalistic integrity." The term is a kind way of saying "crookedness". It is necessary to relate this so the reader may understand why our racist enemies resort to lying propaganda in their efforts to stop and destroy us.

Some politicians, being asked to account for some campaign funds, hired this discredited newsman to make the Indian study agreeable to the constituents. They assumed that the voters are dumb clucks who will forget the campaign funds when they read the sensational "expose" of Indians. They study resulted in a collection of ifs, maybes, mights, perhapses and other unsureties called "Confidential Report Moss Lake Indian Occupation, January 6, 1975" and also known as the "Blair Report".

After reading it, we could see why it was confidential. The public must not see what Mr. Haley the politician paid $1,500 for. Sir Blair says he spent two weeks in compiling the report. It took the senate investigative committee four years to make the same study ending in 1922 which was called the "Everett Report". Here it took our boy wonder only two weeks. One newspaper called the "Blair Report" emotional claptrap. It compares to the day dreaming of a twelve year old boy who watches the television too much. Besides the emotional claptrap, Count Blair has picked up son sophistication in the five years since the horrendous Blair Report. In the SPOTLIGHT "expose" he has gone international. We suspect that the cloak and dagger implications in his diatribe denotes a frustrated ambition. He wants to be known as the 20th century Machiavelli. In all the years of his campaign to destroy the Indians, Prince Mike has committed more crimes on paper than any Injun can ever hope to commit. Don't worry, O Dominant Society, the only crimes your fired up ex-editor shall ever commit will be on paper.

Our paper tiger calls us "communists" which is the correct formula to use to discredit people. Everybody turns against a person who has been called a communist. This "radical and terroristic" scribe wouldn't know a communist even if he was hit over the head with one. We strongly suspect that Arch-Duke Mike doesn't know what's a communist either. In the SPOTLIGHT article our beloved enemy writes: "The intrusion of the European "one worlders" into the internal affairs of the United States was brought about by a handful of terrorist Indians, claiming to be Mohawks. " This unhumble scribe never heard of the "One World Government" that the European Parliament is said in the article to be promoting. As the United Nations is supposed to be a government of all the nations of the world, is this supposed to mean that the United Nations is a failure? What's wrong with such a concept as a one world government anyway? Isn't it what the United Nations is trying to achieve?

Applying the term "terrorist" to us changes the meaning of the word, for we have yet to do any terrorizing. While on the subject, didn't St. Blair's ancestors terrorize the native Indians from one end of the continent to the other? The white race is way ahead of us in the terrorist category. "Claiming to be Mohawks. " We are Ganienkehaga. White men called us Mohawks. The people from Holland or Netherlands were called "Dutch" which according to the dictionary is a slang expression. So it must be originally unflattering. For revenge, they called the Ganienkehaga Mohawks which must have been unflattering at the time. So, we don't claim to be Mohawks. It was foisted on us. "Into the internal affairs of the United States." Isn't Sweet Mike and his governments intruding in the internal affairs of the Mohawk Nation and the Six Nations Confederacy (so called - he calls it)"? Treaty violations are not an internal affair. It's international. In one of the treaties the United States did "engage never to disturb the people of the Six Nations in the free use and enjoyment of the land." This confirms the sovereignty and national independence of the Six Nations Confederacy.

"The Indians have been responsible for a series of terrorist arts in New York. In 1974, they seized by armed force a section of New York Adirondack Forest Preserve...." Isn't this kind of familiar? That's how the white man seized the red man's land. By armed force. The only difference is that the Indians seized their own land, while the white man seized land owned by the Indians. "Prime state park land". State land is not good land which is why they were not picked up by private individuals. When the man uses the term "prime" to describe such land, he knows not whereof he speaks.

Again, in SPOTLIGHT, March 17: "During their four-year occupation of the preserve land, the radicals shot and seriously injured two non-Indians, including an eight year old child, by sniping at cars along a public highway. Other acts included kidnapping and abduction and many lesser crimes." Blessed Blair fails to mention that there were eleven shooting attacks on the Moss Lake Camp by white vigilantes. COPCA or the Confused People of Central Adirondack is an organization formed to fight the Indian repossession of their own land. They hired writers, including Blair, to write leaflets and newsletters arousing the country-side against us. The propaganda blast was successful enough to arouse the mountaineers to get drunk enough to shoot up the Mohawk camp on eleven different occasions. The last two of the eleven gun fire attacks were answered and two people got hit, one of whom admitted taking part in four or five of the attacks on the camp. He was always drunk and can't remember how many. The nine year old girl's father was observed some time later in a bar crying over his beer or was it vodka. He was quoted as saying, "I didn't mean any harm. I was just having fun. Damn Indians shot back and my little girl got hit ...Wah! Wah!." Professor Blair should congratulate himself and his fellow propagandists. If anyone is shooting at you, you have every right to shoot back No car was fired at that wasn't shooting first. Two hundred cars passed by between shootouts and no other car was hit. They were minding their own business.

"Kidnapping and abduction". We used to think they mean the same thing. Attorney Blair sex it's two different kinds of crime. However, he doesn't say who got kidnapped and who got abducted. Forked tongue makes him think double. "Many lesser crimes." No wonder he got fired from his newspaper job. He can't prove his imaginary accusations. He must have made the newspaper the laughing stock of the town.

In SPOTLIGHT, Archangel Mike writes: "KILLERS AT LARGE - More recently, the Indians created a riotous situation on the St. Regis Reservation which resulted in grand jury indictment against more than twenty of them" No white person has been killed at the affair in Akwesasne. A Caughnawaga Indian was killed by a Quebec Provincial policeman. The Indian was unarmed and the patrolman shot him three times in the stomach. Policeman is free. An off-duty Akwesasne Indian policeman walked to a house outside of the reserve to ask for help with a stalled car. White man answers knock at the door with a shotgun blast and kills the Injun. No grand jury indictment as the man was defending his property. These two must be the KILLERS AT LARGE. Mohawk traditional Chief Kanasaraken (Loran Thompson) was defending his property when he stopped a work crew cutting down his trees without permission. Seized their tools pending settlement with the elective council. It would have been settled peaceably BUT an outside force incited the said council and Indian police to arrest Kanasaraken. The unfairness of the whole thing was what started the riot. A white man can kill an Indian by saying he was defending his property. Even if untrue. An Indian can't even defend his property. He'll get a grand jury indictment. He certain did not kill anybody. That's okay by His Honor Judge Blair.

According to the article in SPOTLIGHT the real Indians are those of the elective council who denounced the "radicals" time and again. The elective council leaders said in a news interview that they are United States citizens. This means they are naturalized Americans of Indian descent. Legally, no longer Indians but are now legally white people. To Blair, those are the real Indians. There are Injuns in Caughnawaga who are speaking the SPOTLIGHT article all over town. They are happy over the attacks on their own people. They opposed the Indian repossession of their own land. It confuses people, red and white, who think everyone has the right to fight for his rights. Mike Blair who writes for the John Birch Society, is not going to love them any more than he does the traditional. The John Birch Society is like the Ku Klux Klan. They hate Indians besides others. If they could, they'd cheerfully slaughter all Indian s even those happily spreading their evil propaganda. In the book, AMERICA THE VIOLENT, the difference between the John Birch Society and the Ku Klux Klan is that the latter has a long record of violence while the John Birch Society is all talk and no action. Mr. Blair could concern himself with a real evil, the "peaceful" use of Nuclear energy which is on a runaway course of destruction for all mankind.