NO. 34 MAY, 1980


This is the front page headline of the English language Montreal newspaper, "THE GAZETTE, on April 30. Quoted from the speech by Great White Father Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada during the Native Indian Conference of Leaders and chiefs.

Those words came from the leader of the people who destroyed Indian nations, reduced them into mere bands, which is a status lower than even the tribe. The band council system was devised by the Government of Canada. The members of the band councils and its followers have to be "yes boss" Indians. Anything the decide or resolve has to be approved by the Great White Papa in Ottawa. Now, the Great White Paper is asking the destroyed Indian nations to help the destroyer nation to survive.

Canada must be in deep trouble if the government is asking the lowest man on the Canadian totem pole to help save his destroyers. Maybe the Canadian oppressor is going to get a dose of his own medicine. Voila! Tres bien, tabernak! It seems strange that the leaders of both oppressing resident trespassers are French Canadians. By gar! the leader of the English in Canada is a Frenchman! Must be a deserter or renegade from Quebec. If his Majesty Rene Levesque prevails with his referendum, shall he hang Monsieur Trudeau as a traitor? Sir or monsieur, that is a thought! But, the French leader of the English may be giving the English the same kind of ride they gave the Indians. Trudeau and Levesque were old pals and may be working in concert to really fix Les Anglais. What a wonderful opportunity for the French Canadians to put themselves on top of the totem pole.

Monsieur le Prime Minister Trudeau urged the Injuns to vote a massive NO in the referendum. Maybe he thinks that Injuns being contrary, they'll vote a big YES. When Indians vote in Canada's elections or referendum, they join Canada (International Law). They renounce their own nations. As an example, Canada had many United States citizens in its army during World War II. Federal elections were held during the war and Canada gave the right to vote to the Americans in the Canadian army. Some voted. At the end of the war when the Americans returned to the States, those who had voted in Canada's elections found themselves stuck at Immigrations and had to wait three to five years to regain their United States citizenship. They had renounced their own nation and became Canadian citizens and British subjects.

Indians who voted in Canada's elections took the final step to extinction. They became naturalized Canadians of Indian descent, no longer legally Indians but are now legally white persons. As such there will be no longer any sense in fighting for Indian rights. It's time for them to fight for white man's rights. Try and get it, kid! As an inducement to vote and become citizens, the Injuns are told they'll have a voice in parliament and they can put their own men in there to speak for them. Seven million poor people have a voice in parliament in Canada. Fifty million poor people live at the subsistence level in the United States. They have a voice in government. Big deal. Fat lot of good it does them. Indians have been created Onkwehonwe and it's their duty to remain Onkwehonwe, not as a part of a mongrel mixture in a melting pot. If the Creator wanted them to become legally white people, he would have created them that way in the first place. If the Injuns refuse to vote in the referendum, according to Trudeauic theory, Mons. Levesque shall win the referendum and the Injuns shall end up as citizens of the new nations of Quebec. If they vote, they give up being Indians. In both cases, the reservations shall be abolished and the Injuns shall become naturalized Canadians or Quebecois. They can't win no matter whichever side they choose.

If the referendum is a success, that is, a yes-vote, Mons. Levesque has promised to abolish the wretched reservations and give the Injuns equal opportunities. Elevate the Injuns, so to speak, as little brown Frenchmen, of course. To show our appreciation for the sentiment of being so elevated, let's give the gentleman a title. There is no doubt that his Exalted Highness, M. de Levesque is the best damn Frenchman le Canadienne Francais ever had. He has brought them along the furthest in their aspirations. He has the same wishes for the native Onkwehonwe as the other colonists and that is to absorb them. That it means our extinction, is a matter of small moment. As much as His Exalted Highness deserves so much credit and praise, we Injuns shall have to fight him and his aspirations. When the Separatists abolish the Indian reservations in Quebec, and the federal government does likewise in the rest of Canada (Mohawk word "town"), the reserves shall be changed into municipalities and as in other municipalities, the municipal law shall come into effect. Anyone, regardless of race, color or flavor, may buy land, properties or houses in the erstwhile Indian reservation. Federal funding stops. The people themselves shall have to pay the mayor, councilors, policemen, firemen, schools, roads and all municipal expenses with money derived from the high property taxes. Quebec has promised the injuns they'll not tax the properties on Injun municipalities. That's not hard to promise since it's not the governments, federal or provincial, which levies the property tax but the municipality itself. We've been told that the property is sold for back taxes. The owner has to get out. Gets nothing of the money from the sale. Loses all but the furniture. The new owner pays such a high tax rate that he soon pays the full cost of the house, to the municipality of course, not to the previous owner who is not in the cold. This is the bright future ahead for Injuns most of whom shall not be able to pay the exorbitant property tax. In this way, the Great White Papa and his melting pot children shall dispossess the Injun of his last inch of land and last blade of grass.

Injuns who deliberately join Canada, the United States or Quebec by voting in their elections and becoming citizens of these foreign nations, commit racial and national suicide. It is preferable to these governments that the Injuns do it this way, then they will have done it themselves. No fuss nor bother. No force nor intimidation. Self genocide. Death of the Indian race. Oblivion. Extinction. Assimilation policy is big success. They say the he who commits suicide is of unsound mind because he no longer has the instinct of self preservation which is a part of the human mental equipment. Man also has another life. His national life. Sometimes, the instinct of self preservation for the national life is even stronger than for the physical life, such as a soldier giving up his life that his nation may live. In this sense, the Injuns who join the Canadian or United States nations are of unsound mind since they are committing national suicide. They have been given unsound minds by the effects of the psychological warfare waged against the native Onkwehonwe for the last four hundred years by the governments of the people from Europe. They are part of the casualties. The psychological warfare is at the critical, final stages. There will be Injuns who shall fight. They still have sound minds. They have not lost their instinct of self preservation.

If Indians are to help any nation to survive, it should be their own. Every one in the world has the right to a nationality, Indians included. Every nation has the right to exist, Indian nations included. Every nation has the right to an area of land as its territory, Indian nations included. The future for Indians is in continuing as nations, not as citizens of either Canada or Quebec, but citizenship in their own nations. The Indians' future is not in helping Canada (or United States or Quebec) to maintain the status quo of white man's oppression, discrimination and prejudice, which is what Prime Minister Trudeau is asking the Indians to do. Citizenship in Canada or the United States does not stop racism.

The idea of an Indian nation may seem funny to many white people. The fact is that the nation is a recent concept for the white race. Up to a few years ago, all the white race was divided into kingdoms. Only the monarch has sovereignty. Everything and everyone belonged to the king. The first white nation was the United States patterned after the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy. As colonies, they needed help from the Indians to survive. In time, other European nations emerged. Flung off their kingly overmasters. In each and every instance, each nation had to assert itself to become a nation. No other nation gave them a permit to become a nation. The Indians have to reagin at least, areas of their lands as territories for the nations, which is their right. They'll have to follow the rules of nationhood. Assert their own sovereignty and jurisdiction. Create their own economy. It's a big job. Indians can not sit back on welfare and be their own masters. The strong cannot expect the weak to be a big help i this. It will be tough for a while but the ancestors did it and so can we. It only requires a thousand men moving in a certain way to overturn any country no matter how powerful. The Great Law says to try peaceful ways first, which is what the Injuns are doing. If the white man has the right to have a state on Red Man's land, the Red Man should have a better right for it's his own land.