NO. 37 AUGUST, 1980


Well, boys and girls, they did it in Akwesasne. What did they do? The traditionals on the Canadian side of the illegitimate white man's border (United States/Canada) voted in the band council elections. What's wrong in voting in the band council elections? Don't thousands of Injuns all over Canada vote in such said elections? The wrong in it is that the traditionals are or were citizens of the Mohawk Nation of the Six Nations Confederacy, originally and rightfully called Kanonsonnionwe and now called by its new name in the broken Seneca dialect "Hodenosaunee".

The citizenship law as it applies everywhere in the world forbids a member of a nation to vote in the elections of another nation. When that happens, the particular citizen involved joins the nation in whose elections he voted and renounces his own. International law, borrowed that one from Gayanerekowa, the Iroquois Constitution, Wampum 58. The band council elections at Akwesasne and other Injun reservations in Canada was devised and legislated by the Canadian government and our worthy traditionals who voted in that said elections on July 4 or was it the 5th, became third class citizens of Canada and renounced their first class citizenship in the Mohawk Nation. Of course, not all traditionals at Akwesasne voted in the foreign devised band council elections. There are some politically aware people over there. Cool heads and intelligent, they're not easily led astray.

What did the defecting traditionals hope to gain by joining the people they can't beat? According to the buckskin telegraph, the word is that the said ex-traditionals had visions of controlling and influencing the band council. Not to mention the funding which the Canadian government gives to the band council people to keep them quiet. It keeps certain people in ease and luxury. What's wrong with that? It's happening all over Canada and the United States. The funding keeps the aggressive Injuns in line while the others who are regarded as "sheep" look on helplessly. The ex-traditionals seem unaware that the Canadian government is politically aware. They make sure that anyone the traditionals vote for gets the shaft. Though it's supposed to be a secret ballot, it's not. A voter goes in to do his "duty" (being manipulated is a duty), his name goes on a list besides a number. He is given a ballot with the same number on it. They know who he voted for. Secret! That's a laugh.

The Canadian Indian band council or its United States counterpart, the tribal council, hold their regular meetings, pass resolutions which they sent to Indian Affairs in Ottawa or the BIA in Washington as the case may be. It comes back "Approved" or "Not Approved" depending on whether it's consistent with the governments' policy of assimilation for Indians (gentle genocide ending in extinction). Actually, the Canadian band council or the United States tribal council have no power. They "run" the Indian reservations through manipulations by their bosses in Ottawa or Washington.

The traditionals who voted at the Akwesasne band council elections were appraised of all this. They voted just the same. They listened to bad advice. The lure was stronger than their good sense. They were told that Americans who were in the Canadian army during World War II were given the right to vote in Canada's elections. Those who did vote lost their United States citizenship. Had to return to the United States as immigrants and wait three to five years to regain their lost citizenship. Voting in the elections of a foreign people is no small matter. You join them. You renounce your own people.

If the ex-traditionals apply for reinstatement in the Mohawk nation, by custom they can only be taken back as adopted people with no voice in the council or affairs of the nation. The reason for this custom is that such people show very poor judgment by such an action that their wisdom is suspect. What they did showed lack of intelligence, knowledge, wisdom and good judgment. In brief, the people cannot submit important issues to the considerations of those who showed such poor judgment. The custom is a measure of safety.

Another word on the buckskin telegraph is that a move has been mounted to destroy the Mohawk nation and that a bit of money is involved, of course. One of the ways is to split the traditional people who comprise the Mohawk nation at Akwesasne. This has been done. Of course, if all the traditionals at Akwesasne could have been tricked into voting in that absurd band council election, that would have ended the Mohawk nation at Akwesasne automatically, because by international law, they would have all joined the nation of Canada. The Great Law Gayanerekowa provides in part: "...if any of the Confederate Chiefs choose to submit to the law of a foreign people he is no longer in but out of the Confederacy, and persons of this class shall be called "they have alienated themselves." Likewise such persons who submit to laws of foreign nations shall forfeit all birthrights and claims on the Five Nations Confederacy and territory." Voting in the elections devised by a foreign people is submitting to their laws. Fortunately, not all the Mohawks can be as easily led into traps.

Why destroy the Mohawk nation and not the Onondagas, Senecas, or any of the others of the Six Nations? According to the dictionary, the Mohawk nation is the most powerful of the Six Nations. In this sense, it makes sense to destroy the Mohawks, although it makes poor sense to the Mohawks. It may be flattering but it throws a lot of work and struggles to a beset and beleaguered people. The Mohawks are the ones who will fight. Those who made the decision of destruction apparently do not regard the others of the Six Nations as being any problem in the way of the gentle genocide (assimilation-legal oblivion). Wouldn't it be funny, boys and girls, if the others of the Six Nations should suddenly arise out of their peaceful slumbers and show that they too are fighters? The Oneidas at "32" New York are showing the stuff that the Oneidas are capable of. They have a job of awakening the others. We know that job. It's very frustrating and time consuming. But with the survival of Indian nations and the race itself at stake, it's gotta be done.

Imagine the big confusion of Akwesasne. The traditionals, up until now, have been loud in their condemnations of the band council and the tribal councils. They do not and shall never recognize them. They are in violation of all treaties made by the traditional Six Nations Confederacy with the United States and England. It's against the Two Row Wampum. Then, suddenly, a bunch of ill advised traditionals recognize the band council by voting in it. What do the non-traditionals think of the situation? The work of the traditionals to convert the non- traditionals received a hard kick in the pants and a set back that may take generations to recover.

News item:
Some Injuns offered to exchange themselves with the American hostages in Iran. It's consistent with the white man's boast that "Injuns are like dogs. The more you whip them the more they come around to lick your hand!!!! Mebbe not all Injuns.

Injuns should be living in their own territories - not on reservations. They should decide what happens in their own territories - not foreigners. Injuns should be running their own governments and society - not foreigners. Injuns should be providing the needs of their own people - not foreigners. It means a lot of work and struggling. According to lessons of history, only people who struggle survive. People who let foreigners keep them, give up the struggle, decrease and die out. Become extinct.

The secret of survival is to struggle and fight for it. To be a kept, captive people is the way to oblivion. "If you can't beat them. Join them." That's the way to extinction. Being a kept, captive people is a gentle form of genocide. It's as sure and as deadly as the one with guns. Indian nations are captive nations. The sooner they assert their national rights, decide their own destiny, work hard at it and never give up, the better for the survival of the race. The reservation system, government programs and grants is the easy road to assimilation and the extinction of the Red race. The line of least resistance. The road to survival is hard and tough (no help from the government). It's hard work and hard fighting. The people will be poor for a while but as they are struggling and working hard, they shall eventually enjoy the bounties of nature which comes to the people who make the effort. And they will do it themselves.

Below: Text from a Poster:

According to Lessons of History

People who give up the struggle,
decrease in number, die out and become extinct.

People who continue to struggle,
increase in number, grow strong and achieve survival.