NO. 39 OCTOBER, 1980


From the Southwest in California, Chief Arthur Greywolf, writing in the Bear Nation newsletter, warns that the United States Congress and President Carter passed a law on all Indians on November 1, 1978, deciding we are no longer Indians, thus violating their own Constitutional Amendments ... after a study done by funded Indians allegedly under Law 92-318, but this study was done under public law 95-561 passed November 1, 1978, which when it was passed had taken all Indian identity away (only Indians have the right to decide who are the Indians) ... the same was done under Hitler in Germany to another race. Chief Greywolf feels that this law was passed to prepare the people for the projected act of Congress on April 2, 1M when all lands known as Indian Reservations will be made part of urban America. It means imposition of taxes on Indian lands. Chief Greywolf appeals to all the readers and friends and all Indians to write to Congressmen and Senators and request that they vote this illegal law out now. Also to write to the Carter Administration and request to know why they voted our human identity away.

The above legislative shenanigan was done after the LONGEST WALK, which was a protest demonstration against certain bills before Congress designed to abrogate all Indian treaties. They put aside the bills and passed through a preparatory law instead. Make the native Onkwehonwe (Indians) legally extinct later. Say, on April 2, 1982. Same result.

This is the first we hear of the law passed on November 1, 1978 which is interpreted as taking away the Indian identity. They pass laws affecting Indians after meeting with certain Indians and it's called "hearings". Who are these Indians who agree to legal extinction for Indians? In the Bear Nation newsletter, they are called "funded Indians". They are funded by the government and their education was also funded by the government. They are instructed to know which side of their bread is buttered on. Very likely, they are the only Indians to know what's going on in the legislatures affecting Indians.

It gives us the impression that it takes more than a walk, longest or the shortest, to influence Congress. Look at all the heartrending appeals to their better nature, assuming they have a better nature in the legislatures. Their hearts were hardened by the long struggling for wealth and power. The competition in the white man's culture of possession has erased all feelings of sympathy or pity for the dispossessed. Greed is the motivation. That they would doom to oblivion any race of people is a matter of small moment, if it helps their indulgence in the culture of possession.

No amount of logic nor sweet words dripping with honey can affect the moral (or lack of it) fibre toughened on the suffering of other people. When the Europeans made treaties with the natives of America and in the act, recognized them as nations, it was hoped to be a temporary measure. Until the foreigners became strong. It was expected that the natives would eventually all die out. Introduced European diseases in the "new" land which killed 90% of the native inhabitants. Some Indians developed an immunity to the diseases - survival of the fittest. Those are still here.

The land of America was stolen by the people from Europe. They called it a "conquest". Conquest is a self serving word used to explain away a land robbery. A dispossession and slaughter of people. Land piracy. It's unjust. The descendants of the European invaders know it's unjust, which is why so many of them help and support the native Americans in their struggles for survival. We are grateful for the help of such groups as Rights for American Indians Now, Inc. (R. A. I. N.), North Country Defence Committee, NASC, Presbyterian and Methodist Churches, The National Council of Churches and other funding agencies whose assistance has been vital to our cause of survival. There is the Project Roothold, Vocations for social Change and various individual supporters.

The racists and oppressors are irritated that the people who rightfully "own" (natives feel that they belong to the land and not vice versa) the land and whom they've corralled in concentration camps called Indian reservations are still around. They shall only feel better when they land's natives are no longer here. No longer in the land of the living. Then they shall be justified, that is, feel justified in having taken the land from the people. "They were going to become extinct anyway, so why not grab their land?" That may be if the natives were to die out by natural causes. But not by man made causes. The governments of the United States, Canada and the other foreign made governments in America, North and South, are planning to commit the most colossal crime in the history of the world, the extirpation of a whole race of people from the face of the earth.

The continued presence of Indians in America is a blot on the European invaders' self image. They have not yet destroyed all that the Creator has made in America. They're doing their best. They have plundered, looted, polluted and destroyed the land systematically. Also, the rivers, lakes and the air. They have also looted and polluted the people's minds. They are longing for the day when they can say "there used to be Indians here. They are all gone. We made them extinct."

All this presents a great problem for the native Americans who are struggling for survival. They do not want nor wish to become extinct. The Romans, Greeks, Persians, among other great civilizations of the past who are now gone, also had no wishes to disappear. But they did. They all died out. The stated causes of their extinction seems oversimplified. Loss of language, How many people do we know who have lost their language? Ignored their own laws and regulations. The world seems full of lawbreakers. Extinction comes slowly they say. Change over from a proper, practical economic system to a helter skelter, dog eat dog scramble economic system. Sounds familiar? If that's how it happens, they the racist extirpaters of nations are not going to be too long for this world either. Spies and traitors. Indians also have spies and traitors, but then so do their oppressors. If these are the conditions for extinction, then all the human races are doomed to die out.

The above conditions prevail on Indian reservations. The native Americans are one up on the ancient Greeks, Romans and Persians. These great civilizations of the past did not have the United States, Canada or other freebooter nations speeding them on to extinction. With the examples of the past before them, the Onkwehonwe are enabled to map out a plan for survival. To cheat the race exterminators. It seems like a lot of hard work. It is a lot of necessary hard work. If you want to continue to exist, your whole people, you gotta hustle, man! There may be people you'll have to save despite themselves. There may be people who will be useless in the struggle. They may be good workers even if they are not the ones to stand up to the enemy. They'll be useful in the background and for after the struggle and in the work of reconstruction. Reconstruct the Red Man's shattered existence which is his present situation.

First, the people shall have to relearn their own language. Not hard. It's being done all the time. The people who still speak it can be the teachers. The people shall have to revive and follow their own laws and regulations, not some other nation's. Naturally, to do that, they must have sovereignty in their own territory. Which means that they have to change the areas's status from a reservation to a territory, just as the Great Law, Gayanerekowa, prevails here in Ganienkeh. Move aside the usurping government imposed in the territory by a foreign people from Europe. Reconstruct the Red Man's own government devised by him. After which the Red Man's own law shall prevail. Use the cooperative farm community economic system which our ancestors used from the dawn of time. Grow our own food. The people won't have to depend on foreigners for their existence. Stand on their own two feet. Grow their own food, produce their own needs, provide the livelihood for the general population. Provide for the housing, education, protection and defense. Since it's cooperative and not competitive, a lot of undesirable things are eliminated such as crime and racketeering. It's not every man for himself. Every one helps each other. With a system like the foregoing, no one would want to be a spy or traitor. It's also easier to weed them out if any should start up. The Creator gave man brains to think with and use for self preservation. He gave him eyes to see with, ears to hear with and a mouth to speak his piece with and to howl with if necessary. He gave him the equipment to use for his survival. Even gave him land to live on. It's like he said, "There you are, baby! You're on your own. Protect yourself, your people and your land. If you must fight, fight in a clever way." The Great Law says: "Do not stop fighting until you win."