NO. 46 JUNE, 1981


What makes most Indians indifferent to their coming peril of extinction by legislation? That the white race plans the genocide of the red race doesn't cause a ripple in the calm, placid existence of the intended victim. Tell the Indian that the red race is condemned and doomed to extinction and that the white man is going to change the red man into a legally white person by assimilation. "So what?" sez the Indians. We've been hearing that for a long time and it hasn't happened yet. The Indians also heard for about 75 years that a seaway was going through Caughnawaga. When it was scheduled to happen, the Indians still didn't believe it was going to happen. The seaway took a big chunk of land from the Indians.

Some Indians don't care if the red race dies and disappears. These are the Indians who have been brainwashed to believe they're no good and shouldn't be in existence. You can write them off as a lost cause in the struggle of the red race to survive. There are other Indians who are concerned but cannot be involved in anything controversial or take part in confrontations and other strong measures. Not all Indians can be heroes any more than the white race has heroes in 100% of its population. Only 10% of any population shall fight for its right or for their survival. The other 90% are the followers called the "sheep". It's that way all over the world.

So let's talk to the fighting 10% and the concerned non-heroes so they may know what's going on and what can be done about it. First, how are our ambitious oppressors going about changing us into little brown white citizens and new members of the white race? The white man does not do anything outright. He takes his time. His patience is admirable. In 1871, Uncle Sam imposed his brand of government for Indians on the reservation which he called "tribal council". Reduced Indian nations to mere tribes. Indians apparently didn't know the difference between nations and tribes as they seemed to take to the new status without question. As tribes, the Indians become an internal matter. As nations, they were an international affair. The Six Nations Confederacy didn't fall for it. The Great White Mama's government in Canada followed suit in 1890 and also reduced the Indian status from nations to lower status than even the tribe. They reduced the Indians to the "band" status. Many Indians don't think anything of it. Which is what the oppressors and reducers were banking on. Some of the traditional Indians today think it's alright to vote in the band council or tribal council elections. They think they can vote in elections made by another government and at the same time remain a separate nation. According to the law, they renounce their own nation and join the nation who devised the elections they voted in last.

We even heard of the crazy idea that traditionals should run in the tribal and band council elections in the hopes that it would be the best thing for Indians. Not only would they lose their citizenship in the Mohawk or any other nation according to the law, but they would also find out that once in the tribal or band council, they can't do a thing that would benefit the Indians, especially survival-wise. When those said foreign made tribal or band councils make a resolution, it has to be approved by the department of Indian affairs of either Canada or the United States as the case may be. In Caughnawaga, we saw a group elected to the band council who had leanings toward the traditional community. For two years, their once a month council resolutions came back from Ottawa with big words stamped diagonally across the page "NOT APPROVED". Only when a resolution is consistent with the government's policy of assimilation for Indians does the department of Indian Affairs approve. Joining the tribal or band council is not the answer to the problem of survival for the Indian race. Only harm can be accomplished. The government-made-council chiefs are paid $12,000 a year by the government and so represent the government and not the Indian people.

Not all Indians fell into the trap. There are Indians who will not vote in these white man made tribal and band council elections. So the two governments reached into their bag of tricks for more goodies and pulled out the funding era and at the same time put water lines and sewer systems on reservations. It is assumed that the governments do not expect the Indians to be able to cope with the municipality kind of self determination and shall not be able to pay municipal taxes when the Indian reserves become municipalities. So, in their reality, the water and sewer systems are actually for white people's use when they move into erstwhile Indian reservations. By then, any one of any race shall be able to buy property on the Indian reserve and get Indian property for back taxes. There are Indians who say the government shall not impose property tax. That's right. It's the municipality itself which imposes property tax. To pay for its expenses, such as roads, housing, schools, police, salaries, firemen, councilors and mayors. All have to be paid by the municipality. From money collected from the people.

The governments expect that the Indians will kick up a fuss which is why they're beefing up the illegal Indian police forces. They are being trained like the SWAT squads. To beat down the Indians who resist the genocide. The Indian police forces face the same peril of extinction. They are being used for the purpose of finishing off their own people. Like cancer germs die when the people they kill die. A lovely future ahead for Indians. The oppressors feel that the Indians cannot defend and protect themselves. They feel that they are at the peak of their super powers and that they are invincible. At any rate, they feel safe from the Indians. Is this valid? To be sure, the super power has great fire power. But, oh! his defenses! At no time in the Indian experience did the white man's mighty chain have such weak links.

What can the Indian do to defend himself from genocide? In numbers, the red man is weak. To fight, he has to become an invisible adversary. At the first session of negotiations with New York State, we were informed that some white people were illegally organizing to attack us. This unhumble scribe remarked that by a coincidence we had received a communication a few days before from eastern Indians that if we are attacked, we should go on the island in Moss Lake while they bum down the Adirondack park. They said they have men who move like shadows in the woods. Now, this seven million acres of lumber in the Adirondack park they're so ready to sacrifice is our lumber. Wait a minute! It's our but we can't get to it. to use for our livelihood. If we can't get to our own possessions, what the hell is the use of having it? Might as well bum it down. What a fantastic bonfire that would be. And there are other forest lands Indians are not allowed to use. Also coal, oil, uranium, etc. All belong to Injuns who can't get to use them. Might as well burn it all up. White man also has nuclear power plants. What mighty weapons to use against the oppressors and it was created by them. What irony! Blow them all up. Sure, the resulting fall out will kill Indians also, but that's what they are planning for Indians. Genocide, remember? We might as well take em with us when we leave this valley of happiness. We shall go out with a bang! In a blaze of glory. North and South America ablaze from ocean to ocean. And it takes only about a thousand men to do it. Genocide for all. There's plenty of room. They have more people to sacrifice. A great and exciting time ahead. Genocide can be fun!

Fortunately, in the dark clouds there is a silver lining. The Ganienkeh Indian Program is the solution to the problems of Indians. It represents a big ray of hope to a downtrodden, oppressed and destroyed people. There is propaganda against the Ganienkeh Indian Project going on in reservations. Indian people who should know better carry on bitter tirades against the project without knowing what it is. They'll not listen to any explanation. They are being prepared for genocide and extinction by very clever manipulation. They are the ones who will cry the hardest when it happens. The solution is staring at them in the face but they cannot see. Gotta shake off bad advice, spies and traitors. It requires strength, intelligent planning and fighting spirit. Ganienkeh has shown the way and it may happen that all Indian roads may lead to Ganienkeh. Indians can survive but they shall have to fight for it. Success comes to those who take the chance