NO. 3 NOVEMBER, 1983


When making the above study, one gets the idea that immigration is a very unnatural thing, which is no surprise when considering that the white folks who are promoting this human commercial venture have done other unnatural things such as polluting the air, water, land and the minds of people. An immigrant leaves his own country and nation to settle and live in another country. He renounces his own nation and joins another. A national suicide, just as unnatural as that of physical suicide because it's against the first law of nature - self preservation - whether of the person or of the nation.

An immigrant is expected to learn the language of the country he emigrates to. He is expected to gorget his own language and to adopt the customs and ways of his new nationality. At first, the original immigrants to Canada and the United States did it in reverse. Instead of learning the language of the natives of the land, they forced the said natives to stop speaking their Indian language and to speak the European language and to adopt the customs and ways of the immigrants from Europe. The immigrants from other parts of Europe who followed became subject to the rules and regulations set by the original immigrants, the English or the French. It is noticeable that the Quebec Franco-phones try to force their language on the Anglo-Sax phones who are in the minority in Quebec Province. These are the two main phones in Canada. All others are out of order.

As aforesaid, the first French and English immigrants did not act like immigrants, i.e., did not adopt the customs and ways of the Indians. They only made the follow up immigrants act like immigrants. They even had Indian Affairs in the Department of Immigration for a while. They thought Indians were immigrants. To recreate the Indians according to their own image, the immigrants tried to destroy the Indian language, customs and culture. Today, the new immigrants are allowed to keep their language, customs and culture but also to adopt the language, customs and culture of the original French and English immigrants who are usurping the red man's land. It's called acculturation and acculturalism by order.

The first immigrants explain away their treatment of the Indians by saying they conquered the Indians so they have the right to destroy them, their customs, language, culture, their ways and dispossess them of their lands. In 1945, Germany, Italy and Japan were unconditionally conquered. Did they lose their land, customs, culture, language and their ways? Were they put on reservations? It would be inhuman to do that," say the immigrants. Why is it not inhuman to do it to Indians? Indians not human?

The immigrants in Canada and the United States don't mind being Francophoned or Anglo-Saxiphoned because if they don't like it they can always go back where they came from and reinstate in their original nations and countries. The Indians can't do that. There is no other country to go back to. America is the home of the Indian race. The Indians did not come from Asia by way of the Bering Strait as the immigrants from Europe like to say. Indians originated right here in America, just as the white people originated in Europe, the blacks in Africa, and the yellow race in Asia. The single, common ancestor for all nations and races doesn't make sense. The story the immigrants tell to Indians is that the Creator told Adam and Eve to populate the earth. They did their best and produced Cain and Abel. Adam and Eve left it to their progeny the chore of populating the earth. Cain tried his best to make Abel big with child, but abel was sterile. In frustration, Cain killed Abel and left for another country (the first immigrant) where he built a city. How he managed that without girls is a mystery the immigrants can't explain. One account has it that Cain fell in with a tribe of monkeys which explains why all the immigrants to America have a lot of hair all over their bodies. As any Indian can plainly see, there has to be another story.

The Indians don't care to join any mongrel mixture in any melting pot which is why they are fighting for racial survival. The melting pot is a national and racial suicide. One moment the immigrants are promoting the "word of God", the next moment they are destroying what the Creator created. Anyone who commits suicide is regarded to be of unsound mind because he no longer has the instinct of self preservation which is an important part of his mental equipment. The immigrants who left their own nations committed national suicide and we sadly have to regard them as being of unsound mind. The proof of that is how they say such strange!!! and do such morbid things!!! (such as digging Indian graves). The only sane people in America are the Indians, that is, the ones who have not been brainwashed by the immigrants.

What's this about Indians "lacking the structural resources to transmit their cultural heritage? And what are the inhibiting factors and why do they exist?" If Indians have inhibiting factors, the biggest would have to be the immigrant from Europe. "You can't do this and you can't do that!" No one is more filled to over flowing with law then the Indian. There is even a new constitution which the Quebec Francophone call "a stab in the back". There's a Canadian criminal code. The old Roman law. English jurisprudence and even one borrowed from Napoleon. There is the Provincial law and the insult to nature, the Indian Act, regarded as one of the worst laws in the world, second only to the Apartheid of South Africa. Added to that are the By-laws enacted by the indoctrinated Indians in the band councils (called by unkind Indians "bandit councils"). From amidst these sinful and corruptive laws, the hapless Indian keeps arising smelling like a rose, a sad sweet smile on his face.

One of the Indian's strongest resources is his monumental patience. He has been peacefully appealing to the white man to respect the treaties for a long time. For more than a hundred years, he has tried speaking to the white man and his government in the hopes that he can make the white man a better white man and his government a better government. Some Indians now thing the peaceful way is not the right way. it doesn't work. The world fought two terrible world wars in this century to achieve peace. It seems a contradictory way. To get peace, you must first fight a ferocious ruthless battle. The meek and humble get pushed around. The Bible says: "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth." The meek say: "More blessed are the greedy for they already have the whole earth and all its goodies."' Yes, the immigrants came with the Good Book and taught us to be meek and humble while they unmeekly and unhumbly grabbed and inherited our lands. It's the strong who achieve peace. The Indians shall have to fight for peace to achieve it. By fighting cleverly, the Indians can prevail against great odds. How does none transmit cultural heritage or anything else when beset by genocidal threats? After the struggle has been won and the danger of extinction being planned by the immigrants has been overcome, the Indian can once again afford the luxury of living his culture.

by Helen Hunt Jackson (1990)

[pages 183-184]

Sioux Chief, Spotted Tail, in a Council in May said to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs: "All the men who come from Washington are liars and the bald-headed ones are the worst of all! I don't want to hear one word from you. You are a bald-headed old liar! You have but one thing to do here and that is to give an order for us to return to White Clay Creek. Here are your written words: and if you don't give this order and everything here is not on wheels outside of ten days, I'll order my young men to tear down and bum everything in this part of the country. I don't want to hear anything more from you and I've got nothing more to say to you. " and he turned his back on the commissioner and walked away. Such language as this would not have been bome from unarmed and helpless Indians: but when it came from a chief with four thousand armed warriors at his back, it was another affair altogether. The order was written. In less than ten days everything was "on wheels" and the whole body of these Sioux on the move to the country they had indicated: and the Secretary of the Interior says, naively, in his Report of 1868, "The Indians were found to be quite determined to move westward, and the promise of the Government in that respect was faithfully kept."

University Professor: "What do you think is the future for Indians?"

Mohawk (guess who): "Our future may be as black as yours. Your manifest destiny may catch up with us also if we can't get out of the way while you show us how to die the nuclear way."