NO. 5 JANUARY, 1984


1. Having been born, Indians have the right to live. No one has the right to take away their lives. From the earliest days of the European occupation of America, the Indians have been denied this right. It's a Spanish boast that they slaughtered twelve million "heathen natives" in the Paradise Islands in the Caribbean Sea, not to mention the plunder and slaughter on the mainland such as Mexico, Central and South America. They were fifteen million Indians in Brazil. They now have "controlled" the "Indio" population down to fifty thousand. They speeded up the controlment by using airplanes in wiping out Indian villages in the jungle by air. By aircraft purchased in Canada and the United States. In Canada and the United States, the European crusaders were at first weak and had to resort to disease infected blankets to kill off the "infidel natives" which in a book they say killed off ninety percent of the natives. The survivors were too tough so the enlightened immigrants killed all the buffalo. The boss immigrant announced that it was a great success. A million and a half Indians starved to death and the west was now open to settlement by the superior race. The native estimation was closer to ten million Indians who starved to death. Now, the descendants of the people who committed this crime against nature are worried about the shortage of food after killing off a great source.

2. The Indians have the right to their own nationality. No one has the right to deprive them of their nationality. No one has the right to make Indians join the white nationalities or the white race. It has been the policy of the governments of the Europeans in America to assimilate (swallow and absorb) the red race. Remake them as white people. They even made laws by which Indians become imitation white people. Called such Indians "enfranchised citizens of Canada or the United States." Just so the said governments shall no longer have Indian problems never mind that Indians have problems too. The white man is the biggest problem for Indians. They'll solve that problem eventually.

3. The Indians have the right to an area of land for their own countries just as all other nations on earth have the same right. When the benedictions from Europe arrived, they immediately grabbed the land in the name of God. They didn't turn the land over to God but kept it for themselves. They also called it a conquest. Just as if a conquest was morally right. A conquest is a robbery, the same as bandits robbing a bank and killing people while they're at it. It's an outright, barefaced theft. The Indians are duty and morally bound to regain their lands lost by fraud, deceit, "conquest" and forced sale. The fugitives from Europe claim that the Indians don't know how to use the land, so they have no right to it. "Shove over, red man! " The red man shoved over and the immigrants from Europe polluted the land, air, water, the minds of the Indians and their own. There are more crazy white men than crazy Indians. Insane asylums filled to overflowing. More on the outside. A big percentage of the superior dominant society is comprised of queers. Queers everywhere. In governments, business and they even have them in the pulpits. By the way, a noted preacher who includes tirades against the vice of greed in his thunder, will preach for a flat fee of $100,000. It's greed only when someone else does it. This is the accepted criteria of wisdom, intelligence and good judgement. When asked to prove the existence of hell and the devil he is so fond of thundering about from the pulpit, he said he doesn't have to prove anything. The Bible says so an the Bible is the word of God. The Bible doesn't need to prove anything. It seems unreasonable to expect people to base their future life on anything that cannot be proven. Also support in money. Indians are told to question anything they're told. About devils and hell they are not to ask any questions. "Trust me!" said the white man, so the red man trusted and lost his land, freedom and good judgement. North America is so huge that the white race should e able to restore some of the land stolen from the Indians where they can live like people are supposed to. Indians in Central America are fighting to regain their stolen lands. They are using force. Bravo! May they emerge victorious!

4. The Indians have the right to exercise their own form of people's government, under their own sovereignty and national independence. No other nation has the right to interfere with and control Indian governments. The governments of Canada and the United States forced a very inferior system of government on the Indians, with very limited control and authority. All the authority rests with the white man's governments. Called themselves "Great White Fathers" making Indians feel like little children which was the desired result. When Sir Caucasian arrived in America he didn't know anything about governments. He had to learn that from the Iroquois Confederacy. All the countries in Europe were kingdoms and in a kingdom only the monarch had sovereignty. Everything and everyone belonged to the king. The Iroquois showed the world the people government where the authority flowed upwards from the people to the elected leaders. White man copied by only succeeded in electing leaders to become kings for a while -four or five years. Staged popularity contests called national elections and the winners took turns being kings. In England today, there are two queens. One is a figurehead queen and the other is a political queen who won her queenhood (new word) in a popularity contest. She bosses over the figurehead queen, that is, the parliament is behind her. As in Canada and the United States, the authority flows downward from the winners of the popularity contest to the people in general. The government of Canada is presently in the process of giving self government to the Indians. The move is slow going and a special committee went all over the country interviewing Indian leaders to determine what kind of business to give to the Indians. Some of the Indian leaders who were interviewed are politically aware and knowledgeable. Other Indian leaders had no more ideas about government politics than any ordinary white Joe on the street. They're so used to oppression they think it's an Indian way of life. White people are also oppressed by horrendous taxation, high cost of living and an ever present threat of nuclear power fallout exterminating they're being exposed to by their masters. The Canadian government has decided to give Indians self government under Canadian sovereignty and control which is not real self government. It's the same kind of self government white people labor under in cities, towns and villages and are accountable to the federal and provincial governments. The proposed Indian self governments shall be tied to the same apron strings as are the white people. The super rich are the masters behind the scene. All the Indians should struggle towards regaining their own free territories so they can operate their own form of people's governments with no interference from any other government.

5. Indians have the right to their own religion. The white man forced his European religion on the natives of America. They called it "conversion". Indian religion is a natural unorganized religion with no ordained priest to keep in ease and comfort. It does not require money in fabulous amounts to keep the red man's religion. White man found many faults with the Iroquois religion. We do not pray. We only give thanks. We don't tell the Creator what to do which is what happened when the white man prays. He assumes that God doesn't know how to conduct his Godhood, so he tells him. More than that, he tells him over and over again. God's dumb, see? Can't understand anything the first time. Gotta tell him lots of times. Somebody comes up to you and flatters you over and over. You likely say: "What's with this cat? Does he think I'm stupid or something? Tells me the same thing time and again." God must think: This dude is trying to talk his way to Paradise without good acts." White man says he brought God to the Indians. This means God can't go anywhere by himself. White man has to bring him. He's still bringing God to Indians in the jungles of South America. We wonder why white man doesn't bring God instead to Canada, the United States and other white man countries where the people need religion more than the happy innocent Indians in the jungles. "Civilized" countries are wallowing in crimes (sin) and corruptions. A lot of work for "men of God" right at home in Christian lands. Every community is a sin center. Maybe the sinful white man doesn't accept the unprovable dogmas and doctrines in his religion such as hell, devil, purgatory, indulgences, temporary repentences, etc. Maybe he ought to try the Indian religion which doesn't have such unprovable doctrines. Instead, he'll give thanks for the bounties of nature and to show his utmost appreciation, participate in sacred dances which make the people happy. It works. Some Indians have the ability to say a lot in a few words: it takes only a few rituals to cover a man's earthly existence. The people got together nine times a year for Thanksgiving Festivals. They are known as spiritual ceremonies. Babies are named at three of these festivals. marriages are another occasion for a religious assembly. The Chiefs perform the ceremony. White man calls it a civil ceremony. An Opening Thanksgiving Ritual is performed and spiritual advice is given by the Chiefs. The civil authorities become spiritual advisors for the occasion as well as for the Thanksgiving Festivals. A funeral brings out some more appropriate spiritual rituals. The red man bows to no other system of religion as being superior to his own.