NO. 7 APRIL, 1984


White man says his is a government of the majority. It has also been said that the majority of the world are fools and that the wise and intelligent are in the minority. This makes the majority government a government of fools. But sez you: The majority of the world is controlled by a clever minority of oppressive exploiters which makes the majority government actually a minority government and so, it's a government of both fools and the clever exploiters with the latter running the show.

The standing army is the arm of the government and trained to protect and defend the system, not the people. The government uses the people, for the army men are of the people. The government creates laws designed to defend and protect the government from the people and police departments are established to enforce the laws, again using some of the people whom they first alienate by indoctrination from the other people in order to protect the system from them. The exploited people are required to pay taxation in enormous amounts to pay the costs of these institutions, the government, the standing army and the sitting police departments.

The problem is that the majority government is really not a government for all the people, but for the super rich who are in control. Since the super rich are in control of the "free world" then the solution is for the exploited people to nationalize and internationalize the corporations of the super rich. It may seem like a super trick to unhorse such super bosses who are in control of nations, but to anyone who doesn't have to do it himself, it's simple. The exploited merely neutralize the super rich. "How?!!" says the nonIndian. First, the wisest and most intelligent of the exploited in each of all the nations will form a people's national council by which all the people can really execute their will. The people's national council will be like a government which does not govern nor rule but creates a good path for people to follow. The method of finding the wisest and most intelligent of the exploited is by a series of tests on the study of humanity, justice, finance, political administration, guiding the affairs of state while making the said good path for people to follow, to be passed by the most able of them and become members of the said people's national council which will always be accountable to the people in general.

To neutralize the super rich and to nationalize and internationalize their corporations, it is first necessary to put aside the pseudo majority governments for they operate under false pretenses and have failed the people miserably. Rather than change the personnel in these obnoxious nonpeople's and nonmajority governments, it is better to remove the system of government entirely. They should not have any objections since it's for the good of the world. The action of removing a government is called a revolution. The action of removing all the governments is called a world revolution.

The incidence of bad governments, unbearable taxation, nuclear terror, oppression, persecutions and other abuses will be resolved by dissolving the present governments because of their failure to produce and happiness which is the ages long hopes of mankind and which is the purpose of government. Not having the capability nor the fitness, the present governments should be substituted by the people's national council who would have the necessary brains and wisdom to fulfill the obligations. They have proven themselves by passing all the tests. The super rich do not spend their $billions and $trillions paying for the legions of government workers (some of whom have nothing to do), the staggering costs of the armed forces and the police departments. Who pays for all this? The exploited. The people who work. The people pay for the protection of the super rich from themselves. That's exploitation in the fullest sense of the word. By nationalizing and internationalizing the corporations of the super rich, the profits thereof (in the billions and trillions) can be used to pay all national expenses and costs, thereby relieving the people of the burden of horrendous taxation. There should be no need for taxation, so say the economists who also hint that governments make the people pay dearly for having a government.

The governments themselves are governed by Wall Street called the Wall Street Shark" which has 100 members (1960), each of whom on a poor day makes a million dollars. One colossus in the membership, with a portfolio of corporations was making an average of $55 million dollars a day. All the governments of the "free world" are under the control of this big money elite. It has been said that the Wall Street Shark regards the rest of humanity as the beast which must be kept weak and bleeding. The super money elite is directly involved in the intolerable nuclear power situation and the arms build up. The profits are enormous which are being used for further nuclear proliferation. At this rate, the white race will be extinct at the same rate of speed as the red race they are actively working to terminate.

There is no need for an expensive war department. In the Iroquois way, every many is a protector and a defender. Every boy is trained in military strategy. He is instructed in the law and taught to defend the law. One of his duties as a warrior is to stop crime and to arrest law breakers. Every man is a policeman. This is how a government is prevented from victimizing and oppressing the people. The people are the government and they are also the police, every one. There is no alienation of policemen or the army men from the people. In the Iroquois system, called "The Warrior Society" by the white man, there is no draft call up, special indoctrination (brainwashing) to turn the draftees into killers and after a war, release them among the people where so many of them commit a lot of the crimes.

Crimes are dealt with by the defenders in training and after their course of training, are always on stand by in case of emergency such as fires, fights, riots, invasions, and troubles of all kinds. The Warrior Society also teaches the young whatever is necessary to know, academic subjects besides the art of fighting. All this costs nothing to taxpayers as there are not taxpayers. All this is defrayed by the profits from the nationalized and internationalized corporations of the super rich. Isn't this a superior system compared to that now in use which the general public is forced to pay?

Mankind at present is under an ominous cloud of destruction and also deaths from a cruel disease caused by contamination from a nuclear fallout. The white man's governments in America, north and south, are so intent in making the Indians extinct that they don't notice they are doing the same thing to their own people. We've read of psychopathic killers who are obsessed and cannot stop themselves. The masters of the world are likewise obsessed by their dangerous nuclear toy and cannot stop themselves, even though they may realize that they will also be destroyed along with their victims. The millions of innocent and accidental future victims of this world madness are duty bound to protect and defend each other and themselves. It is their duty to stop this threat to their existence and must find the ways and means to stop it. This headlong descent to destruction can only be halted by abolishing the present order which is a disorder. It shouldn't be too hard. There are only 100 members in the big money elite responsible for this terrible state of affairs. Perform a citizen's arrest and keep the big money elite under detention and doing some kind of occupation safe for society. Detain their scientists (nuclear and atomic) and keep them engaged in beneficial sciences, not those that would destroy mankind.

After abolishing the no-good governments, their economic systems and implementing the above mentioned, superior, Iroquois type government, the people in general can breathe easier. The nuclear holocaust will be averted. An era of real peace shall be experienced by people everywhere. Having achieved a better government and society, the white man's improved governments in America will be more inclined to render better justice to the aboriginal people of America. They may relent to the point that they'll restore areas of the stolen land back to the Indians where the Indians can once again have their own society. America is a huge land with many unused open places. Surely, the immigrants from Europe can see it in their conscience to restore these back to the Indians. The United States and Canada want to pay only 25C an acre for land claims awarded. They haven't enough money to pay for the land taken from the Indians. United States 3,615,211 square miles at current price of $1,000 an acre equals $2,313,735,040,000. In the trillions! At 25C an acre it equals $578,433,760.