NO. 8 JUNE, 1984


They say that it is now 450 years since Jacque Cartier landed on red man's land. They also say he took the land in the name of God but he did not hand it over to God. He handed it over to his King in France. To anyone who knows right from wrong, it may seem strange that one can invade and seize a country or even a continent in the name of God but keep it for his own people. How can such pious people as the Christians from Europe go all over the world, grabbing land away from its natives, killing those who resist the robbery and also those who don't resist. They explain it away by saying that since God doesn't stop them from committing these outrages against their fellow human,s then it must be agreeable to God. In any event, they do it in the name of God which they expect pleases God. How can God stop them if their horrible acts please him?

Quebec will celebrate the 450th Anniversary of the dispossession of this land from the rightful owners, the Indians. The festive occasion will start on June 23 and go on for 69 days with all kinds of happy events for the receivers of this stolen goodies, the red man's land. It's like John Dillinger celebrating an anniversary of his first bank robbery. He also has to kill some people while committing his crimes. He didn't get a chance to celebrate the 1st anniversary. He pillaged and plundered only eleven months when he got shot full of holes by G-men. You see, it's against the law to rob a bank if you don't do it in the name of God. How does the white man justify his criminal acts of dispossessing people of their lands, countries and even continents? The following is an example of how a title to some land in Oklahoma was obtained:

Dear Sir:

There are no records or archives available which concern the title to the above described land any further back than the United States government. However, I believe from a historical standpoint, I can enlighten you as to the title in such a way that the objections you have pointed out will be waived. This land was acquired by the United States Government in 1803 by the purchase from France under what we now refer to as the Louisiana Purchase. Spain acquired possession of the land by virtue of the fact that a young man in her service by the name of Christopher Columbus on the 12th day of October, 1492 discovered it and claimed it for Spain. Columbus got his authority for making the aforesaid voyage and discovery from Ferdinand and Isabella, the King and Queen of Spain. Ferdinand and Isabella got their authority for the sponsoring of the voyage from the Pope in Rome. The Pope of Rome got his authority by virtue of the fact that he said he was the Vicar of Christ on Earth. Christ got his authority by the fact that he was the Son of God, and God created the Earth.

The intelligent Attorney
(H.O.L.C.) approved the title.

So, we can see that the mandate to kill and steal countries was obtained by the white man from God himself. Or so he says. At this time most white people don't know how and when this horrendous right was obtained by their ancient Christian ancestors. It started with an idea, the Crusades of the Dark Age. The Christendom of Europe sent armies to seize the Holy Sepulchre from the infidel Saracens. Scholars now say there's no evidence there ever was a Holy Sepulchre. They also say that the Crusades was a hoax which cost the unholy infidels 300 million lives in the second crusades spread over 200 years. The crimes for which the infidels were so mercilessly punished was not to know or have ever heard anything about Jesus. The Prince of peace and love would never have condoned such extreme measures. He never would have wanted anyone to be dispossessed and murdered. Even if they quote him in the Good Book as saying: "But as for these enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slay them before me." Luke 19:27. It is certain that these tyrannous words were inserted into the Good Book to enable evil men to pillage and plunder the world. They can pretend that they are doing it for God and that God is with them. There are other evil commands which were interpolated into the Good Book and passed as the Word of God for the same evil purpose, material gain and political control wrested from alien people.

Not all the infidels were caught but it led to the creation of the Dark Age law: "Infidels have no right to live therefore have no right to possession." This law excused the Europeans from the Commandments: "Thou shalt not steal" and "Thou shalt not kill." That's how it happened that Europeans could go anywhere in the world, dispossess the infidels (non-Christians) and slay them to the last man, woman and child. The Dark Age law was a law of convenience and expedience. It's absurdity, injustice and criminality is apparent to anyone with the tiniest gleam of intelligence. But it's what the white man used to grab the world and has up to the present time continued to reap the financial and material benefits thereof.

Indians are not expected to help Quebec celebrate 450 years of dispossession, indiscriminate slaughter of innocent Indian woman and children, racism, oppression and genocide. Indians are told they should be happy that the French came to take them out of savagery and into civilization. The word "civilization" is misleading. Nothing can be more savage than the European going all over the world slaughtering the natives to gain their lands and goods, meanwhile committing the most heinous acts. If that's "civilization" we wonder what kind of people are savages and barbarians.

Yes, it is time for Indians to come out of the woodwork in full regalia and regale their tormentors with Indian dances and songs. The Indians must show joy and happiness as they witness the joy and happiness of the people who took their land and freedom; and placed them under subjection in concentration camps (Indian reservations). The Jacque Cartier Anniversary celebrants want the Indians to be happy too on this day of days. Of course, the Indians would be more happy if the French left and went back to France, but that's not what the French Quebecois (used to be French Canadienne) want to do. They have no wishes to go back to France and starve. They prefer to stay here and live off the fat of red man's land. What's that fat dude in the funny suit saying? Ahhh... "let us now make the Indians sing and dance to entertain the visitors of the gala celebrations. Let's show the world the complete mastery of the descendants of Jacque Cartier over the natives of New France."

Oh yes, there'll be Indians there fawning and ingratiating themselves to their masters and their masters' customers, the aforesaid visitors. There will be a lot of people there to see the "tall ships" come in. In the tall tales of the "discoveries" they were referred to as "little ships." Now it's tall ships. The replicas of Mons. Cartier's original ships are bound to lead the parade. Indians shall line the shores of the great St. Lawrence River and watch how it was done. They shall see the participant who shall enact the role of Saint Jacque Cartier and his men erect a Cross and take away their land in the name of God. Let's hope the modern Cartier and his discotheque age men shall also come down with scurvy as did the original Cartier and his men. This time the Indians shall turn their backs and go into the forest - where is the damn forest??!!!!

Wouldn't it be a grand show if the tall ships were met by a flotilla -- better still, an armada of war canoes filled with howling red Indians shooting blazing arrows, stink bombs and French pox infected blankets into the said tall ships? Give them a taste of their own medicine. Then on August 5, the Indians should celebrate the massacre of Lachine and the wiping out of half of the population of New France by the Iroquois. A two month long invasion of French Canada by les Iroquois. We also have something to celebrate about.

Instead of Indians giving the Jacque Cartier celebrants a show of Indian singing and dancing, how about giving these ignorant Europeans the Bad Luck Dance? How about the Rain Dance at show times? How about an Earthquake Dance during the Firewater Drinking Ceremonies? Tornado Dance anyone? Dump the tall ships on the Plains of Abraham. Site of the Battle of Quebec. Do I hear Hallelujah, anyone?