NO. 9 JULY, 1984


There is a bill before the House of Commons called BILL C- and it gives Indian people self government under Canadian sovereignty and control. It had its first reading at the time of this writing. In the BILL C- Canada recognizes that Indian communities ere historically self governing which also means that Canada now recognizes the fact that Indians were deprived of the right to be self governing. Though Canada's parliament says it's giving Indians self government, it's the same as the one they had before the Canadian government deprived them of their ages old self government. It's going to be a sort of a mock self government under the imperial control of the Canadian government.

In BILL C- Indian nations shall use lands "invested in Her Majesty, that are held by Her Majesty". This means that Indian nations do not live on their own land but shall self govern on Her Majesty's land. No ownership of land is accorded the Indian Nations. Indian Nations shall be recognized if they meet the criteria established by the government of Canada. Indian Nations shall not recognize other Indian Nations unless allowed by the Canadian government. Actually, it should be Indians who recognize their own people and should be the ones to decide whom to accept as Indian. A "Panel" instituted by the government shall decide whom to accept as an Indian Nation. It used to be the nation which decided this for itself. As long as six months after application, the Governor in Council, by order, may recognize and Indian Nation as part of the Empire of Indian Nations.

The constitution of the "self governing" Indian Nation has to be recognized and approved by the imperial nation (Canada). No different than it was simply a lowly "BAND". All rights to legislate or not to legislate depends on what the emperor nation decides. The Indian Nation may tax their own people on their real property and for other charges. No need for permission for that one. This one is a big stepping stone to Indian extinction. The Governor in Council may allow an Indian Nation to enter into an agreement with the Minister in such things as the enforcement of the laws of Canada, federal and provincial, etc. If an Indian Nation fails to satisfy the imperial Canadian government, it shall lose its powers until such time that the said imperator Canadian government decides that the Indian government is now functioning satisfactorily. An Indian Nation must make laws according to the dictates of the Canadian government and must not conflict with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms or any international covenants relating to human rights signed by the Government of Canada. Now, you Indians, be careful and don't make any repressive laws, don't violate any human rights. Only white governments have the right to do that.

A law of any Indian Nation or any provision thereof, may be disallowed by the Governor in Council at any time. The Imperial Canadian Government here assumes a parent-child relationship with the subject Indian Nations in the Canadian Empire. In brief, a law made by Indians means nothing to the parent Canadian government. A couple of years ago, members of the said soon to be imperial Canadian government in a news interview, said the Indian Act was going to be abolished but here BILL C- says the "Indian Act applies with such modifications as the circumstances require, in respect of an Indian Nation that is recognized, from the time the constitution is fully in force under section 9, as if the Indian Nation were a band and the Indian government were the council of the band except to the extent that the Indian Act is inconsistent with the constitution of the Indian Nation.." In brief, the Indian Nation will still be just a band and the self governing Indian Nation will still be just a band council. The Indian Act shall also decide who is the Indian in the "Indian Nation". In other cases in BILL C- "bands" cease to exist even if the "Indian Nations" themselves are still "bands", all depending on sections and numbers. The imperial paleface here, complicates Indian lives still further. As to be expected, the by-laws of a band which has ceased to exist, remains in force on the lands of the Indian Nations that "were, before recognition, reserves, within the meaning of the Indian Act. Meaning that though the land is no longer a reserve, the Indian Act will still be in effect.

The Indian Nations are supposed to be self governments yet "all federal laws of general application in force in Canada are applicable to and in respect of Indian Nations that is recognized.. "We thought that a nation makes its own laws and bows down to no other law making nation. On their own land, they follow their own laws and no other.

It's supposed to be Indian Nations and self governments, yet the "Recognition Panel" consists of a chairman and six other members, three of them to be Indians. That's four white men against three Indians in case of a decision to make. They're even going to limit the size of an Indian Nation (Regulations 63. (a)), just as if we were responsible for the population explosion. Why don't the white bosses limit their own populations? They like to use Dark Age laws on natives, why don't they revive the Dark Age chastity belt and use it on their own teeming populations?

There you have it, the first of the last days of the Indian race in Canada or so it is hoped. They have shown us the way to finish off a guilty conscience. Since the Indians are going to become extinct, the European looter and plunderer of the red man's land feels justified in stealing the Indian continent. Indian spokesmen have gone to the capitals of Canada and the U.S. to plead for mercy, but the white man has only one road to follow and that's to complete the dispossession of the Indian homeland from the red race. If it means the disappearance of the Indians from the national scene, so be it! Tough luck, kid! You had it for a million and a half years and so now it's out turn. You didn't know how to use the land, so it's right we take it from you. You didn't even pollute the land or the air. You didn't even turn the rivers into sewers. That's progress! The plunderers ruined all natural things. Called it their manifest destiny.

Note that the two stumbling blocks on the way to extinction for Indians are being removed. The first is the Indian Reservation, established by law. Even if it was originally a concentration camp the reservation lands were for the use of Indians only. The Indians were not expected to last long in captivity. The Indians lasted, so a different approach was figured out. Change the status of the Indian Reserve so that taxation (the second stumbling block) on real properties can be imposed on Indian homes. Very few Indians are expected to be able to hang on to their properties. The rest, not able to pay the tax on their houses shall lose them for back taxes and shall be scattered in low cost housing in cities (slums). No longer a reserve, white people can take advantage of the chance to pay back taxes of an Indian property to acquire the same. It won't take long. Instead of Indians in the erstwhile Indian reserve, there will be only white people there.

That is the external outlook. That's what happened to the Menominees in 1954. That's how it must look to the makers of the Canadian Empire. of Indian Nations. No empire ever lasted. This one isn't expected to last. It may not even get off the ground.

Traditional Indians have a different idea about self government. They had self government before, in their own sovereign and independent territories. Rightfully, it is the only just and true government. Who else has more right to have a government and society on their own lands than the Indians? Indians should demand restorations of areas of their own lands where they can have their own country. We lived more than a million years without being told how to live by looters and plunderers, who pollute and waste the land, plus our minds and their own. We can manage our own governments and other social institutions without outside meddling by people who don't know how to run their own questionable governments. The Canadian and the U.S. governments are both criticized by their own people. They are oppressing, exploiting and victimizing their own citizens on both sides of the border. In fact, their horrendous taxation and the thoughtless exposures of their people to the dangers of nuclear fallout contaminations has gotten to the point that the people now think a revolution is in order.

Both Canada and the U.S. are tremendous areas of land and all rightfully belonging to the Indians. Some of these lands should be restored to the Indians where the Indians can have real self government, to be managed by themselves i their own way. We don't tell the white people how to run their polluted governments. They should return the compliment and stop meddling and complicating our lives. We traditionals have our own people's governments and societies to defend and protect by every means possible.