NO. 10 AUGUST, 1984

They say God helps those who help themselves. The white man helped himself to red man's land. God must have helped him because he succeeded. Also, he took our land in the name of God. He figured that God would be pleased. If that's the secret of success, then Indians should take back their own lands in the name of God.

Europe sent missionaries among the Indians to soften them up, make them meek and humble so that the follow up European Christian immigrants could walk all over them. Nothing meek and humble about the immigrants from Europe. The Good Book says: "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth." The meek say: "More blessed are the greedy for they already have the whole earth and all its goodies." The Indians became so meek and humble they gave away their countries and whole continents to the unmeek white man. A few years ago, the newspapers reported the adventures of missionaries in the jungles of South America. They said the Indians, upon seeing the missionaries screamed and ran away. Those Indians did better than their counterparts in North America who listened to the missionaries and lost their lands, freedom and even their souls (their spirit was crushed). The thing to do when you see a missionary is to scream and run for the hills. The ancient Mohawks knew what to do with missionaries. It seems that Indians didn't have matches to start their fires so they say that the Mohawks started their cooking fires by rubbing two missionaries together.

The missionaries say they brought God to America. Helpless God. Can't go anywhere by himself. Needs the missionaries to take him here and there. They still say they're bringing God to the jungles of South America and Africa. Primitive people were reported to practice "Christian principles" such as refusing to tell lies, cheat and steal. Do not murder but love each other. In that case they do not need missionaries. It was noticed that when Indians were converted to Christianity, they started to tell lies, cheat steal, murder and hate each other. If the aim of the missionaries is to make people good, they don't have to go to the jungles. There is more sin right here in the United States and Canada than in any jungle. They can go to work right here in "civilization". The Christian religion has been a failure. The Christian people are no better now than when the religion began.

In a university, we were asked how we traditional Mohawks pray. We don't pray. We give thanks for all the bounties of nature or for whatever good that happens to us. You see, when the white man prays, he tells God what to do. He assumes that God doesn't know how to conduct his Godhood, so he tells him. Not only that, he tells him over and over again. God's dumb, see! Can't understand anything the first time. Gotta tell him lots of times. If a group of people went to a fellow and said the same thing to him over and over again, isn't he bound to think: "What's with these cats? They think I'm stupid or something?" Anyway, the white man figured out a way to go to paleface heaven without having to do good acts. We say paleface heaven advisedly because we've been assured that the white man has taken over that place too. He decides who goes there. He makes the rules. Anyhow, the white man figures he can talk his way into paradise. After hearing such nice words, God is expected to forget the vile deeds the white man does in between prayers.

The missionaries teach that when a person dies, the soul leaves the body. Since the soul is then bodiless, it does not need to eat, drink or sleep. It cannot get sick, suffer or die. Then they teach about hell where God shall cast the souls of those who disoby the missionaries. How can they expect God to cast any soul into the fires of hell since he must know that the soul cannot suffer, cannot feel the heat or the flames, as taught by the same missionaries? Of course, it's only a white man's belief that hell exists.

About 20 plus years ago, in a church on a Sunday in the province of Quebec while a mass was in progress and the priest had reached the part when he preaches a sermon, a young man about 25 years old, stood up, raised his hand and said: "Father, I don't want to disturb your performance of the mass, but you said something just now that I wish you would clear up in my mind and I'm sure the people in here are also interested. You mentioned hell and the devil. Is there any evidence to prove that hell and the devil exist?" The priest said: "I'll pray for you. I'll pray for you." The young man said: "No, don't pray for me, just prove it so I can believe. " The priest again said: "I'll pray for you." And continued his sermon.

The young man was arrested and taken to court where he was fined $500 and costs. His lawyer advised him to appeal the case and not to worry about the cost as a group of people had gotten together and chipped in to pay the cost. They also would like to know about the existence of hell and the devil. The case went to the highest court in Quebec. After all the arguments, the judge rendered his decision: "I uphold the decision of the lower court and fine the defendant $500 and costs, but I must caution you the clergy (a large group of priests were sitting on the side). The law protects you now but the law can be changed if there's enough pressure from the general public, so I must advise you that when you're preaching not to say anything you can't prove." It's good to know there is no proof that hell and the devil exist as a lot of people spend a lifetime in fear and despair because of this unreasonable belief.

The white man tells the world we came from Asia by way of the Bering Strait ... Said the red man crossed over from Asia on a land bridge or stepping islands. The master story tellers say the time of this alleged migration was 12,000 years ago. Since it's a "scientific" estimation, it's therefore impressive. They came to this conclusion by "reading the rocks". Now, you guys, better watch those rocks, they can betray your passage even if you passed 12,000 years ago. The scientists can even detect, if slightly, your ancient fragrance that you left behind as you passed the rocks. Another set of scientists, after much reading and smelling the rocks, said that many moons ago, there was an Ice Age that lasted one million years and covered the North American continent with a sheet of ice four miles high half way down to Mexico from the Canadian border. They estimate that the ice receded 10,000 years ago. If that's so, then simple arithmetic tells us that the Ice Age has 2,000 years to go when the scientists say our ancestors crossed the Arctic wastes and icebound Canada over ice four miles thick. Let's visualize our ancestors coming over in the rarified air, four miles high and refrigerated atmosphere at least 100 below zero, in thereto suits and space helmets with bottles of oxygen strapped to their backs. It was a tremendous trip of thousands of miles.

Scientists are resourceful fellows. The first bunch decided to stick to their guns regarding the 12,000 years estimate. They took a leaf from the Holy Scriptures where Moses with his magic wand struck the Red Sea which parted and allowed the Israelites to walk through, after which the sea returned and swallowed the Egyptian army pursuing the Israelite refugees. The Egyptians protest the story saying there is nothing in their history about such an event. The scientists disregard that and have the leader of the future Indians in possession of an equally magical wand which parted the ice and allowed the wanderers through. The scientists don't say it in quite that way, but they revised the ice picture and have an ice free alley through which they have our ancestors walking out their Bering Strait theory. We, too, protest there's nothing in our history about such an event. As far as we're concerned, our ancestors made their debut into this valley of happiness right here on this red man's land of America, just as the white man originated in Europe, the blacks in Africa and the Asiatics in Asia. The Bering Strait theory is a forked tongue in cheek propaganda to make the Indians think that we, also, are aliens in our own land and that they, the immigrants, have as much right to our land. The scientists are trying to justify in the white people's minds their presence on red man's land.

America is the home of the Indian race. The single common ancestor for all nations and races doesn't make sense. The story the European immigrants tell to Indians is that the Creator told Adam and Eve to populate the earth. They did their best and produced Cain and Abel, after which Adam and Eve left it to their descendants the chore of populating the earth. Cain tried his best to make Abel big with child but Abel was sterile. In frustration, Cain killed Abel and left for another country (invented immigration) where he built a city. How he managed that without girls is a mystery the missionaries can't explain. One account has it that Cain fell in with a tribe of monkeys which explains why the immigrants from Europe have a lot of hair all over their bodies. They laugh at us because we have no hair on our chest. Hair also grows on the chest of a jackass, but it doesn't grow on iron. Chest of iron.

The European immigrants call us tribes. A tribe is primitive man's first attempt at a social order. The nation is the finished product. In ancient times a family and their relatives got together and organized themselves for self protection. That is the tribe. Later, the tribes got together and coalesced into nations. One definition of tribe: a derogatory term meaning primitive and low class people. It's an insulting term and you notice that the white man does not call his own people a tribe. Only the Indians. When the Europeans came to America they made treaties with the Indians and in doing so, recognized them as nations. Only nations can make treaties. International law says that a nation once recognized as a nation remains a nation until it dissolves itself. No nation may dissolve another nation. The United States action in 1871 reducing the Indian nations to mere tribes is illegal according to international law. For the white race the nation is a recent concept. When the red and white races met, all the countries in Europe were kingdoms. In a kingdom only the monarch has sovereignty. Everything and everyone belonged to the king. A true nation is where the authority flows upward from the people to the installed leaders, as in the case of the Iroquois Confederacy, also known as the Long House, world's first people's republic and the first to have a national constitution, a state far ahead of any then known. The Iroquois Confederacy never accepted the 1871 reduced tribe status but continues to stand on its international rights as a union of Indian nations and insists that the United States honor the treaties their ancestors signed with the Iroquois Confederacy.

We see that the white man classified the Indians as savages, but in the upper stages of savagery. Because of their political achievement, the white men have the Iroquois in the middle stages of barbarism while they put themselves in the civilized category. Civilization means having reached a high level of cultural and social development. White man has reached a high level of technology but only a low level of human relationship. It makes him less than half civilized because human relationship is more important than technology. We also see that white men's howling civilization oppresses even his own white people and frightened the world with his nuclear power, military and so-called peaceful use. From the Indian viewpoint, civilization is an overrated, refined and approved savagery. Primitive white men beat each other over the head with wooden clubs. Civilization enabled them to do it with iron. The riot squads still use wooden clubs. Of course, in our experience with the civilized white man, there were times when he was more savage than any savage or barbarian. The white man wants to raise us from savagery and join his civilization. People emigrated from Europe and have joined Canada or the United States. Legally, they're no longer Irish, Italians, Germans, etc. They are now naturalized Americans or Canadians of Irish, Italian or German descent. However, they'll remain white people. In time they're expected to lose all traces of their origins. The Indian case is different. If Indians assimilated with Canada or the United States they join the white race and renounce their own. That Indians are citizens of their own particular nations is here being ignored. Since white people outnumber Indians 250 to 1, there will be no trace of the Indian race in time, because of intermarriage. With assimilation, Indians shall become as extinct as the classic Greeks, Romans, Persians, Phoenicians and other great lost civilizations of the past who were absorbed and assimilated by conquering barbarians. Those great civilizations who number in the millions, did not want to become extinct but they did because they lost their language, ignored the laws that made them great, ignored their own proven economic system, ignored their spies and traitors and as a finishing touch, they gave up. It's a lesson of history that people who give up the struggle decrease in number, grow weak, die out and become extinct. People who continue to struggle increase in number, grow strong and achieve survival.

There are Indians who expect God to save Indians. There are many Indian nations who are already extinct. God didn't save them. God only helps those who help themselves. The white man wishes to say (sadly of course) sometime in the future: "There used to be Indians on this land. We made them extinct." Indians are duty and honor bound to survive as Indians. They were created Indians and should remain so. How can they resist genocide and extinction staring them in the face? They will have to struggle and fight for survival. It's a fighter's world. No Indian nation should be so deprived it has to exist on a reservation. The Indians need a land base, a free independent territory. Impossible? How about the REPOSSESSED AREA OF GANIENKEH TERRITORY regained by the Mohawk Warrior Society in upstate New York? Had they been a bigger group they would have regained a bigger area. Indian nations are hereby urged to reorganize their warrior societies. It's unthinkable for a nation to have no protection nor defense.

What can the warrior societies do? If the struggle for survival should take a drastic turn and Indians have to take physical action in self defense, they will have to hit the immigrant-turned-colossus where it hurts the most, in the pocket book. They can dump the bridges into rivers which are now sewers and into the seaway cancelling all traffic, knowck out powerhouses, high tension power lines, punch holes in the reactors of nuclear powerhouses. The forests belong to the indians but they can't get at it to use for themselves so they may as well burn them down. Stuggling for survival can be fun. In one year the white man shall be as poor as the indians, becuase he now lives on technology and when you knoqck out electricity you knock out technology. All industry stops, all money making stops, all eating stops because food is food is refrigerated. Indian don't need electricity. All this need not happen if the white man decides to be good to the indians and let them live as indians in their own independant territories, free from interference and meddling by the whiteman. Indian have rights to be nations, the right to an area of land for their territories, the right to excersize their own form of government and societies. The indians have the right to struggle to achieve these conditions by every means possible. May the indians someday regain their rights and freedom as Indian nations and know peace and happiness. May true justice prevail.