NO. 11 OCTOBER, 1984



The word "unity" has been worked to death. At this stage of our experience with the benedictions from Europe who are now legislating our national demise and finally carrying out the legal genocide of the Red Race, we are now considered to be in a completely weakened state and ripe for extinction.

Let's all of us Indians in America organize. No, I'm not trying to make you laugh! True, Indians have tried to organize many times in the past. The reason this time is different ... the legislatures of Sir Caucasian are deliberating on our national and racial demise. They shall pass an order in council declaring us dead, nationally and racially. They shall declare that we have joined their nations and are no longer legally Indians. They shall proclaim that the Indian race is no more and the nations of that race have joined the white race.

There are Indians who want this. They want to commit racial and national suicide. Anyone who commits suicide, whether physical or national, is unsound. He no longer has the instinct of self-preservation for his physical or national life, which is a part of his mental equipment. Those of us who are of sound mind have no wish to become extinct. We wish to see our race live on and on. We also are of sound mind and have no wishes to join another nation or race. Let's strive to be equal to any other race or nation, but not by joining another race. Let us create a REPUBLIC OF INDIAN NATIONS, sovereign and independent, on this great Red Man's land of ours. We know that our great ancestor Deganawida did create a Republic of Indian Nations. He wanted all the Indian nations to be members as equal partners. He was able to gather only five nations in his time. He left the gathering of nations to his successors to continue. They did gather Indian nations but not as equal partners. Instead, they created an empire of protectorate nations which was not the aim, purpose or intention of our great Founder.

Did any empire ever last? The weakness of an empire is in the subject nations. The Iroquois empire went the way of all empires, to destruction. If the subject nations had been given equality what a mighty republic it would be today!

The subject nations of the Iroquois protectorate were incited by clever missionaries to attack their protectors. It took a quarter of a century of urging and cajoling to make them take such a drastic step. The Iroquois Confederacy, to save themselves, had to fight the people they were protecting. The war lasted more than one hundred years by which time the protectorate Indian nations had mostly become extinct. The French instigators had lost their land possessions in Canada and the great Iroquois Confederacy, though reduced and weakened, was still fighting and struggling. Let's not make the same mistake. Let's make a republic of equal Indian nations. All Indians need each other to survive.

The present day Iroquois Confederacy is no longer a great powerful League of Indian Nations. To compound their weakness, they were conned into accepting the Handsome Lake religion which features unprovable white man's doctrines such as hell, devils and other vague mysteries. They also had to bury their weapons in the mistaken, misled and deluded belief that Uncle Sam would protect them. In all treaties, Sir Caucasian always engages to protect the Indian party of the treaty but never really does any protecting. Those are just empty words. The Iroquois ended up having to protect the English colonies. Not all the Six Nations fell for the "burying the weapons" trick. Many centuries before Handsome Lake there was a burying of weapons but only among the Five original Nations. The occasion was the formation of the Five Nations Confederacy. They pledged never to make war on each other again, but if they are attacked by enemies, they would ally themselves to fight together to repel invaders. This latter day act of "burying the weapons" is different. It's not to stop fighting among themselves but never to fight again even if attacked. They would allow themselves to be shot down without defending themselves. It's a death wish religion. There's a white man's hand in this business somewhere. No longer needing Iroquois protection, they now want the Iroquois to be so weak they'll wish and will themselves into oblivion.

The Mohawk Nation has an organized Warrior Society to defend and protect the people. The Oneidas at the 32 acre territory at Oneida, New York have a revived and reorganized Warrior Society. The Tuscaroras have reorganized their Warrior Society. The Six Nations people who follow the Handsome Lake Code are not allowed to have a Warrior Society nor to fight in self-defense. When asked what they would do if attacked, an Onondaga chief said: "That's when we'll meet our Maker", meaning they will not fight to defend their lives. When the Onondagas had trouble on their highway, they had to call the Mohawks and Tuscaroras to do their fighting. Once protectors of nations, they now need protection themselves. The Iroquois have the strongest of the Indian treaties with the United States: "The United States engages never to disturb the people of the Six Nations in the free use and enjoyment thereof (land)..." In spite of this treaty, the United States went ahead and disturbed the Six Nations people by constructing the Kinzua Dam, made counties of the Seneca nation land and the United States side of Akwesasne and the people can't put up a fight (besides protesting) because it's against the new religion - the Handsome Lake Code which forbids fighting.

The Mohawk Nation was the most powerful of the Iroquois Confederacy. It has not buried its weapons. With so many Indian nations on the uprise and ready to fight for their lives, for their lands and for their survival, it is possible for these emerging Indian Nations to ally themselves with the Mohawks, the Oneidas and the Tuscaroras (others of the Six Nations may want to be involved in this great work, if they can break away from the weakening influence of the Handsome Lake Code) on an equal footing and create a new Republic of Indian Nations. Being of sound mind, the emerging Indian Nations did not bury their weapons and can organize their Warrior Societies. An alliance of all Indians Nations on an equal basis would have pleased the Greatest American, Deganawida, because that's what he wanted. The Founder of the greatest political society ever devised by man, the Iroquois Confederacy, preached of peace among all Indian Nations through law (the Great Law). He also preached of peace through Power achieved by many nations allied together. So, let's gather the Indian Nations together and make a Treaty of Alliance amongst them all. Let all the people of the said Indian Nations hold the Pledge Wampum and solemnly declare to defend and protect the people of each member nation and pledge to follow and defend the Great Law, Gayanerekowa, mankind's first and greatest national Constitution. It made the Iroquois powerful and great while they followed it. It shall make the new Republic of Indian Nations strong. Indians need power.

It is generally acknowledged that the government devised by Deganawida is the most practical, intelligent and moral. It's the best guide to follow. It's natural for people to want to change laws and systems only to discover later that the new laws and systems they devised are not so good after all. It's best to use a proven system which has stood for ages, such as the Great Law. To change it would be to weaken the government. The Great Law also makes it possible not to have too many laws which is the universal complaint among nations these days. Therefore, the government and law of the Great Peacemaker, Deganawida, is hereby recommended to the Republic of Indian Nations.

Political and national respect is a grim necessity for survival. In disputes between nations, it is necessary for both sides to have bargaining power. Each side is alert and eager for the other side to show the slightest weakness. Bargaining power means having the ability not only to give peace (which anyone can do by doing nothing) but also having the ability to destroy the peace, especially the opposing nation's peace. An Indian nation with no Warrior Society has nothing to bargain with. It has to back down because it cannot destroy the peace of the opposition. When an Indian nation reorganizes the Warrior Society there is an immediate build up of bargaining power, before the Warrior Society even starts to do anything. It's the strong who get respect.

What can a Warrior Society do to defend and protect the nation in the event it has to take physical action? To some it may be confusing, but to the Warriors, it's as clear as glass. The white man solved the problem himself. By advancing to the ultimate in technology, he put the weapon in the hands of any of his oppression's victims. A brief reflection on the part of anyone would reveal how the Indians can fight in the future. The white man no longer lives by nature but by technology. Even the air he breathes is technologic air. Ditto homes, schools, churches, governments, etc. Even uses the rivers as sewers to carry off his technologic waste. What happens if the power transmission lines are cut? All industry, all money making, all eating (food is refrigerated) and all ravelling stops. If you don't believe it, honey, ask any military expert. He'll tell you the white man has finally done it! Usually, he has a patsy to sacrifice. This time, he put his own ass on the line. A 12 year old school boy can put a whole nation on the bum these days. Of course, all this can be avoided if the white man agrees that the Indians have the right to exist, the right to an area of land where they can exercise their customs and traditions without any interference from Sir Caucasian.