NO. 14 JUNE/JULY, 1985

It is very frustrating to Indians to rad the history of the way their ancestors were dispossessed and slaughtered by European invaders. Every invading party planted a cross about 30 ft. high and took the land in "the name of God"! What does God have to do with robbery, murder and other inhuman acts done in his name by the invaders? To add luster to these acts of dispossession, each invading party had priests called missionaries to hear confessions and forgive the sins of the victims of the invaders. They later told the Indians that the missionaries brought God to America. Poor God, carried here and there by looters and plunderers.

The European plunderers called the Indians "savages" though nothing surpasses the savagery of the manner in the way the Europeans took the red man's land. The dictionary defines the word savage, when applied to people, as meaning primitive, barbarous, cruel, ferocious, living in an uncivilized way, a brutal person. Judging by the terrible treatment they gave to Indians, the two ferocious world wars, burning their own people at the stake for heresy and witchcraft and other cruel acts, the Europeans qualify for inclusion in the category of savage. Even at this late date the white man's holy men still refer to Indians as "les sauvages" preaching a sermon. This unhumble scribe has heard with his own ears Indians being referred to as "savages" in a Montreal barber shop by a member of the R.C. clergy and proceeded to "harangue" (in books Indians don't make a speech, they harangue) the cleric: "You're supposed to be a man of God. You're supposed to bring peace to the people. How are you going to do that if you insult the people? The title is "Indian" (he was talking in French) not sauvage! "Gave him a lecture in front of a group of white people he'll not soon forget. Some of them even had a smile on their faces as if they enjoyed his discomfiture.

The white man teaches Indians to be like him and as he call us "savages", he then gives us the right to call him a savage in self defense. In the course of this talk - beg pardon -harangue, it will be shown how much we have learned from the savage European.

According to scientific evidence the world is about 4 billions of years old. It was a "ball of molten iron" for ages before it cooled enough to permit anything to grow on it or even to permit the rain to touch the earth. After a few billion years a species of life began in the bottom, that is, in the slime of warm primordial seas. According to the scientific big wigs, time changed the character of the primordial slime and each succeeding creature that emerged from it was different. There was the age of the gigantic creatures such as the dinosaurs and they "ruled" the earth for some 75 million years. How do the scientists know this? By reading and smelling the rocks, dummy! Finally, mankind made his debut into this valley of happiness. He was a fish for a while but he finally crawled out of the sea and got about on all fours for a while (over a million years, according to the rocks). Then he saw a monkey walking around on two feet. He took the hint an tried it. It worked and man has been walking on his hind legs ever since. Lucky the monkey wasn't doing a handstand and walking around upside down.

The white man crawled out of the sea in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea and romped northward from there. The blacks did likewise from the warmer waters in their homeland Africa. The Asiatic, of course, in Asia. The Indian Race originated in the Caribbean area. An Indian had a theory that when God crated man he has to experiment. He made mistakes. When he fashioned the white man he didn't bake him enough. He came out white. He was half baked. God tried again and this time he overbaked and man came out black. The third try was a big success. The Indian came out in gorgeous color.

Yes, the white man has us immigrating from Asia by way of the Bering Strait, Naturally, the purpose of telling us that is to make us think we too are aliens in out own land. Also to make us think the Europeans have just as much right to our land as we are just a bunch of Chinamen. We have no objections to Chinamen. They're alright but that's not what we are. The white man didn't rad and smell his rocks right.

Columbus Unveils The Indian And His Land

Jews had a lot to do in shaping world history. They are an enterprising lot. They've held important positions in many advanced countries such as being a prime minister of Britain and other places. One enterprising and courageous Jew even went to Spain to ask the King for ships to prove that one could get to Cathay by going west through the "sea of darkness". His name was Christopher Columbus. For a Jew going to Spain in 1492 was the same as a Jew going to Germany in 1942- suicide. But Christopher went prepared. He studied up on the Catholic religion until he knew more about it than the Catholics. With utmost unconcern the Italian Jew barged into Spain, got caught up in the Inquisition which he passed with flying colors. He had all the right answers. It was nothing for him to kiss the Cross. He was ready to kiss anything to get his ships. Next, he charmed the hell out of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. They gave him the three ships he wanted.

All the world knows the story of how the intrepid son of Abraham and his superstitious and scared crew crashed through the sea of darkness and uncovered the red man and his two virgin continents. As they wallowed through the sea of darkness, the crew got so afraid they wanted to mutiny and turn back. Columbus had to bribe them to continue on. He promised a velvet doublet to the one who would be the first to sight the land. This jacket was made of very rich material and only worn by important personages or big shots. That did the trick. The men carried on. In the early morning of Oct. 12, 1492, the watch in the Crow's Nest sang out "Land ho!" He was Rodriguez of Triana. The "lucky dog" everyone thought. How he was rewarded will be told later.

According to an account by Columbus himself, the natives were of very friendly and sweet disposition. So much so he called them Indios which, according to our old friend Russ Means, does not mean Columbus thought he was in India for that place was then known as Hindustan. Indios means "In God". He called them that because of their great friendliness and purity of spirit. Columbus doesn't say why Hindustan changed its name to India. The descriptions by Columbus may have impressed and intrigued the Hindustani to the point of changing their name to India. Perhaps they were as sweet and cuddlesome as the American Indios. We should perhaps change our name to "Ingodians" instead of Indians. What say, O Sweet and Cuddly Indians? No? You prefer Indians? Well, it's a nice name. So, then let's keep it. Thanks Russ, for letting us know it's an original name.

Columbus developed such a fondness and affection for the angelic natives he took six of them back with him to Spain - in chains. That's how the European is. Anything he likes he takes and puts it in chains under lock and key. "This is mine, see? And get the hell outa here!"

That wasn't all Mr. Columbus took back with him to Spain. He took enough golden objects to fill a house, such as dishes, cups, saucers (it seems that saucers to hold tea cups were not in use in Europe at that time), pots, pans, knives, spoons, forks (here again the Europeans saw something new, the fork for eating) and other golden implements which the wandering pious Christians, suddenly frenzied by greed, grabbed willy nilly from the unresisting humble and meek natives. The only use ancient Indians had for gold was to melt them into cooking utensils and make ornaments for their walls. Another item the white man saw for the first time was rubber. Columbus and his conquering crew did not exactly cover themselves with glory when they did. A group of natives were taking exercise playing a game similar to soccer. They were kicking around an inflated rubber ball. As it usually happens, the ball got away from the players and bounded towards the Europeans. It kept bounding inexorably towards the white men. When they saw that the unholy thing was not going to stop, all the white men, including Columbus, turned screaming and ran from the place. They later said they thought there was a devil in the ball that kept it bounding towards them. The innocent natives were surprised at first and then burst out laughing. That was the last time they laughed at the white man. He stopped being a comedian.

Mr. Columbus returned to Spain to show off his discoveries. Besides his angelic prisoners and golden implements he had such exotic "new world" foods as potatoes, corn, beans and other vegetables they didn't have in the land of the white man. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella were delighted with the loot and with Columbus. The King gave him a special status and an important position in the new world affairs. With the discovery of America being recognized by the King and Queen of Spain and a good future for Columbus being assured, Rodriquez of Triana, the first to see the new land, went to Columbus to claim his reward. (To be continued in the next issue)