(At the end of the first installment we have Rodriguez of Triana going to Columbus to claim his reward) the same being the prized velvet doublet. Columbus now wore such a jacket and denied he ever promised Rodriguez anything and that is Rodriguez didn't stop pestering him, he would call the soldiers and Rodriguez would face Spanish justice. As Spanish justice or injustice was rigorous and deadly in those robust times, Rodriguez hastily withdrew, but promised himself a future revenge. He'll get even with that liar and cheat. He may now be some kind of admiral but he'll hit the deck like anyone else when the right maneuver is done.

Columbus returned to America with extra ships filled with Spanish soldiers and with orders from King Ferdinand to kill all the Ingodians beg pardon - Indios, sparing whose who would be put to work as slaves on their own farms and show the Europeans how to grow corn, potatoes, beans, etc. Columbus spared 2000 angelic natives and personally directed the slaughter of the rest of the 300,000 angel like population of Haiti. It took three years. The figures were estimated by Friar LaCassas of the Dominican Order who came with Columbus on his second trip and stayed 70 years with only occasional visits in Spain. Subsequent raids by the Spanish on the other islands in the Caribbean convinced the natives who, by the way, knew nothing about war, that Paradise Islands were no more. They were now island of terror. It was estimated that 12 millions of the natives of Paradise Islands were slaughtered outright in the first 20 years of the Holy Spanish Crusade in America. Three million escaped to the mainland. This is why there is no India blood in present day inhabitants of the Caribbean Islands.

Queen Isabella felt sorry for the poor Indios. She decided that since she could not save their bodies she could at least save their souls. So she ordered the soldiers to put a stop to the Indios sinful and disgusting habit of bathing daily and twice daily. It is said that she herself took only two baths in her life. Once when she got married and history does not record what occasion made her take the other bath. It was against the religion of Europe to take a bath. At the time of Columbus, "taking a bath" was already outlawed by the Church for more than a thousand years. It resulted in terrible epidemics such as bubonic plagues, yellow fever, black plague and others. Since it is obviously unhealthy not to take a bath why did the self styled superior Christian religion put a ban on washing one's self? It seems that the Almighty Church in the year 400 A. D. did decide that the baths of Rome was a big occasion for sin. There were about 2000 public baths in Rome and the people came in droves, stripped off their togas and bathed together, men, women and children. As this was sinful, it became religious philosophy that it wasn't necessary to have a clean body to have a clean soul. A new wise saying spread "A dirty body means a clean soul! The pure in soul must mortify the flesh. They did and a lot of plagues resulted. All the baths in Rome were destroyed.

At the same time they forbade education. Only monks and priests were allowed to have education. Some noble families who could afford to pay were also allowed to have learning. Why was education suppressed? It was noticed that when a student reached that stage in learning when he takes up the study of Greek, he loses interest in religion. In reading Plato, the student notices the similarity of the teaching in the Gospels. At first, he thinks this copycat Plato has a lot of nerve but then the student realizes that Plato's time was 400 years before Jesus and he could not be copying Christ. Some even said "So, this is where St. Paul got his Revelation". The solution to the problem? If the young got no education they would not be exposed to Plato. Elementary! Henceforth, no more learning for the general public. The band on these two important function, learning and bathing brought on the Dark Age, which was to cover Europe with ignorance, hate, fear, disease and the above mentioned epidemics which destroyed populations for over a thousand years. So,e scholars believe that the Dark Age lasted 400 years and ended during the 800s, to be followed by the Middle Ages. They're just simply ashamed that such a thing as a Dark Age should happen to a superior people, theirs - the elite of mankind! They decided that the term "Middle Ages" sounds better. The big fly in that ointment is that some acts in their Middle Ages were more horrible than in times they allotted as the Dark Age.

Let's take the picnic called the CRUSADES. Doesn't it sound romantic and even patriotic? The armies of Europe were occupied with the Crusades for more than 200 years. During that time, they took the measure of upwards of 300 millions of infidels, men. women and children. Even babies. What was their crime? They didn't know Jesus or didn't believe in Christianity. For those who conscience grew heavy from all this ruthless slaughter, the promoters made a law. They based the law on a saying of Jesus in the Holy Scriptures: "But as for these enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring then here and slay them before me! Luke 19:27. It is certain that these tyrannous words were inserted into the Bible to enable evil men to pillage and plunder the world. Jesus is said to be the Prince of peace and love. As such he surely would not have ordered such merciless deeds and actions. As a stated goal, they announced that the infidel Saracens should be disposed of the Holy Sepulchre. Scholars now say there's no evidence there ever was a Holy Sepulchre. The same scholars also say the Crusades were a cruel hoax which cost the unholy infidels 300 millions of lives in eleven crusades spread over 200 years. It lead to the creation of the Dark Age law: "Infidels have no right to live therefore have no right to possessions." This law excused the Europeans from the Commandments "Thou shalt not steal" and "Thou shalt not kill! That's how it happened that Europeans could go anywhere in the world, dispossess the infidels (nonChristians) and slay them to the last man, woman and child. The Dark Age law was a law of convenience and expedience made by the looters and plunderers themselves. It's absurdity, injustice and criminality is apparent to any one with the tiniest gleam of intelligence. But it's what the white man used to grab the world, including Indian lands and has up to the present time continued to reap the financial and material benefits thereof. Columbus came with the Dark Age and all its cruel and inhuman laws.

Meanwhile, Rodriguez of Triana, the first of Columbus' famous crew to see the new land, found himself on the wharf in Genoa, Columbus' home town, his ship having put in at the port. He saw an old tar (one of the names they call a sailor) sitting on a niggerhead (a round headed iron block set on a wharf to moor ships). He went up to the retired sailor and engaged him in conversation. He commented on the fairness of the city and about the famous son it produced. He couldn't get Columbus off his mind. "Who may that be?" Asked the old man. "Why Christopher Columbus of course, " said Rodriguez, "he discovered the new world and himself a great Christian. " The old man said "Is that so? Tell me more. "So Rodriguez went on to tell him more: "Yes, Columbus goes to Mass every day and goes to confession often." The old man said: "Does he now!" and started to laugh. He laughed and laughed. Rodriguez, slightly miffed, said: "Well, let me in on the joke so I can laugh too". The old tar explained how Columbus, a Jew, went to Spain and fooled the Inquisition and the King and Queen who gave him the ships he wanted and he now lives like a Pasha with a thousand Indio slave girls compelled to attend to his every wish! Rodriguez did not see too much humor in the situation, but suddenly a great light shone in his mind. Columbus was a Jew! Here was his revenge! Here was his drink of the gods. The ship carried Rodriguez of Triana back to Spain on leaden feet. Once arrived, he passed the word and the word sped to an incredulous king. A Jew has made a monkey out of the Inquisition and the King of Spain! Nobody like to be made a monkey of so an enraged monarch sent word to America recalling Columbus back to Spain on the double. No sooner has the king's emissary quitted Columbus then Columbus' own spy arrived and warned the great sailor. The courage and daring of a great mariner deserted him, as shaken and terribly frightened, Columbus bypassed Spain and went straight home to Genoa where in the shadow of the mighty father of Rome, he was reasonably safe from the long arm of the Spanish Inquisition. He quietly if belatedly joined the Roman Catholic Church which he should have done before going to Spain to con some ships from their Most Christian Majesties and fooling around with the dreaded Spanish Inquisition. Columbus ended his days in poverty and in constant fear, his great contribution to the white race unrewarded. By a quirk of fate, Rodriguez of Triana failed to realize his dreams of seeing Columbus burned to death at the stake as an infidel and a Jew.

Having disposed of Mr. Columbus, we move on to other beloved conquering heroes from Europe plundering the Indian land of America. The first Spanish conquistor to make good in the new world was Hernando Cones. Armed with his caucasian Dark Age Law "Infidels have no right to live therefore no right to possession", Cortes plundered and looted the mainland of America. Mexico was to receive this benediction from Europe. Montezuma, Aztec Emperor, was a victim of a cross and double cross. Cortes said "Trust me!" Montezuma trusted and lost his palace, empire and his head. Firstly, on arriving in the mainland, Cortes engaged in a warm up battle with the little know Tlascalan nation, raiding terrors of their day. Cortes wanted his troops to have some practice fighting with Indios before taking on Montezuma's Aztec Empire. Cortes and his troops were well on the way to being wiped out when he succeeded in achieving a truce with the Tlascalans. He offered them peace as long as the sun shines, the grass grows and the rivers flow (sounds familiar). He also was able to secure a military alliance

with these "Tartars of America" (Attila would have been proud of them). Cortes talked the Tlascalans into a combined effort to invade and plunder Mexico and divide the spoils. The way it went, the Tlascalans did the fighting and Cortes got all the spoils. Later, when the Spanish ran out of slaves digging the gold out of the Aztec mines, working to death what Indio slaves they could get, they tried to enslave their own allies, the said Tlascalans. These heroes, however, didn't buy the idea. They even grabbed some Spanish and made them into slaves. Cortes reported that the Indios thought he was God. Vanity is nothing new. Funny how all the Caucasian plunderers in America thought that. Actually, ancient Indians treated each other with utmost reverence and consideration. It was a custom with them. The Europeans, not used to such a treatment, thought the Indians were treating them like Gods. Indians certainly didn't think Cortes was God. Because the Spanish had so much hair on their faces and all over their bodies, the Indios thought they were half men and half animals. They felt sorry for them and treated them with extra kindness. The Spanish took advantage of all this softness and forced the Indios to dig gold in their own mines where they were worked to death.

The Aztecs were discovered to be very wealthy and learned. In the papers of LaCassas, he recounts how the Aztec principal city, now called Mexico City, actually glittered with gold. The walls of the temple and the university had gold plates an inch thick, carved and decorated. The trusses of the temple rested on gold pillars which the Aztecs were forced to pull down and melt into bricks in their own smelters for transportation to Spain in galleys. It took the Spanish more than a hundred years to transport all the Aztec gold to Spain. In the middle of the ocean, corsairs from England, France, Holland and other countries waited for the plump fortunes being rowed out to them in the galleys. Only one out of every ten galleys reached Spain. The others were stopped in mid ocean and the gold seized. After the galleys were emptied of all the gold, the corsairs set the galleys on fire and the Indios chained to the oars were burned to death. Unknown thousands, perhaps millions of Indio in the flower of their manhood were lost in this manner during the 100 plus years of Spanish looting of Aztec gold.

The Spanish found thousands of books in the Aztec university written in the Aztec language. This caused the Spanish to become enraged and extremely jealous because parchment was still being used in Spain. They were supposed to be the superior people, here were Aztecs who were not only using paper but actually had printing presses, unknown in Spain. In the university, the curriculum was discovered to include systems of computation superior to algebra and trigonometry. They also saw a superior calendar. Since the Aztecs weren't Christians then all this was the work of the devil, so the Spanish piled all written material, books curriculum and the papers in the middle of the public square, however taking care that the gold pavement was ripped up first and put away before all the material of high learning was put to the torch. The educated among the Europeans who saw the Aztecs declared they were the most learned people on earth and Cortes took great pride for his part in their destruction.

LaCassas reported that one may go in any direction and one is sure to stumble over a body of a slain Indio. The Spanish stopped shooting Indians to conserve gun powder. Henceforth, they beat the Indios to death with clubs. LaCassas wrote that the buzzards multiplied so fast on this massive feast that they came in clouds that darkened up the sky. The Spanish figured out a way to stop the buzzard population explosion. They made the Indios gather up all the dried wood in the forest and arrange them in grids upon which they were forced to stand in bunches of 250 each and all tied together with an iron chain. The wooden grid was set on fire and the Indians burned to death. So, no more free food for the buzzards. So, you can see that Spaniards of olden times had fun. Cortes set the standard for the European exploitation of America. He was heavy handed even with his own people. He made enemies thereof. The King recalled him to Spain to answer a number of charges. Instead of punishment, the King created him Marquis of the Valley of Oaxaca. Back in Mexico, he got the same treatment he gave the Indians. In his absence his enemies usurped his ill gotten authority and even his property (he stole from the Indians), To be continued in the next issue.