NO. 24 APRIL, 1987


The Great White Daddies in all our foreigners occupied Indian lands like to boast that they went all over the world, dominated and subdued the inhabitants thereof. They are not backwards about telling us it's for our own good. Though they must know we're not likely to swallow such a philosophy. Steal someone else's possessions to do him a favor? Most think we're some kind of wonderfully dumb clucks. We did get to think that the opposite of what the white man tells us must be the truth.

The Great White Papas also boast how they made things easier for themselves by first causing division among the non-white inhabitants and in the ensuring confusion took over their countries. They proudly admit they sent in missionaries first who worked on the minds of the nonwhite natives and teaching them fantastic stories about heaven, hell, devils, angels, purgatory and other incredible tales designed to bamboozle the poor natives until they don't know whether they're coming or going. In this state of bewilderment, the confused natives are shoved into reservations if not slain outright by the soldiers of "manifest destiny". The missionaries tell the Indians that the Good Book orders them not to steal and the secular arm of the Great White Daddy steals the Indian lands. The Book of the missionaries says "not to kill" while their secular arm go about killing Indians. The natives are warned not to tell lies while the white men tell lies to each other and especially to Indians.

The Great White Pa teaches that his people have much experience in the art of war and all the best strategies are kept in books on war, how to win battles and kill the natives whose lands they covet (holy word meaning "having greedy eyes on"). The Great White Daddy gloats how this knowledge of the art of war, enabled the white race to dominate and subdue the red race and other races, as if it was perfectly legal, moral, religiously and naturally right to do so. And the best strategy in that book is Divide and Conquer.

On thinking back, we suddenly realize how Sir Caucasian divided the great Iroquois Confederacy. By cracky! they did it by relation. It took only one Quaker to turn the Seneca nation upside down. That he was a part Seneca was a big help. The father of Henry O'Beale was the great Complanter, War Chief of the Seneca nation. Complanter's mother was white and he himself married a white woman, so this is how Henry was a quarter Seneca, apparently well educated and could preach the Quaker beliefs to kingdom come. To do the job he had in mind, Henry used his uncle Handsome Lake, to preach the new gospel to the Senecas. The story is that upon regaining consciousness following a bout with the D.T.'s caused by a month long whiskey binge, the first person Handsome Lake saw was his nephew Henry. "Oh Henry, what a time I had! Snakes, all kinds! Big ones, small ones, all wrapping themselves around me. It was awful!" Henry said: "Don't tell anyone you saw snakes. Tell them you saw angels and that they took you to a place where all drunks go when they die." That's how a new religion began, the Handsome Lake Code, written by Henry O'Beale and preached by Handsome Lake who said he saw angels, hell, devils, purgatory (where he saw Red jacket, his hated rival in the council), etc., the whole Christian galaxy of unprovable beliefs. It's a violation of the Two Row Wampum Treaty where the two parties, the Paleface and the Iroquois agreed to keep their laws, religion, governments and customs in their respective vessels. Handsome Lake did reach into the white man's vessel and adopted the white man's doctrines and dogmas as his own. The United States Council of Churches proposed a notion in their council to admit the followers of the Handsome Lake Code into the Christian community because they accepted the divinity of Christ. The motion was defeated because "they don't have services every Sunday ... at best, it's a baby class Christianity" and other things to that effect.

The damage is done. The traditional Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy is divided into two antagonistic factions. The followers of Handsome Lake and those who remained true to the Great Law and the simple ceremonies of the ancient Iroquois religion. How should the people deal with this division?

The Great White Fathers in Washington and Ottawa, in their infinite wisdom, have decided that we, their unwanted children, have lived long enough. They are pushing bills through their legislatures to extinguish our land claims and our rights to our own nationality. According to the United Nations, everyone in the world has the right to their nationality. Canada and the United States disagree. To them the Indians do not have that right. They could not kill us physically (though they tried hard) but have found a way to kill us legally. They're going to legislate our nonexistence. "Indians? There used to be Indians on this land. We put them out of existence. People of that blood now are naturalized Canadians or Americans of Indian descent. They are now legally white people. Indians no more."

Their plans are that though we shall be physically alive, we shall be legally dead. Question now in Parliament and Congress is "Why didn't we ever think of this before? Even Solomon couldn't have thought of it!" This is how they have solved their Indian problem. Up to now, they had thought that by ignoring us and our rights, the problem would go away by itself. We Indians have a problem too. The white man is our problem. He has been so long on our land that he no longer thinks he's an intruder. He thinks we're the intruders. The sun no longer shines on white man's treaties. The last blade of grass from the last inch of red man's land is being taken. The clear sparkling rivers no longer run ... the rivers, now sewers, have become as stagnant and polluted as the white man's true intentions in those treaties. Now the Caucasian from Europe wants to complete his robbery of the red man's land. More than that, he wants to extinguish the red race.

This time he doesn't say "in the name of God" as when he first stole the red man's land. This time he says, "God must want us to have all this or he wouldn't have allowed us to take so much." So, boys and girls let that be a lesson to you, God helps those who help themselves. Sir Caucasian helped himself to our possessions and God helped him. If we help ourselves to regain our land God shall help us also. How about that! God created man they say. Gave him brains to figure out how to survive and how to fight for his rights and possessions. Gave him arms and legs to fight with. Eyes to see the enemy with. Ears to hear good advice. God even gave the Indians land to live on - Onkwehonwekeh (America). You're supposed to fight for your land, not give it away. Our ancestors welcomed Sir Caucasian. A mistake. He took all. Said ancestors should have chased out the intruders when they had the chance. Instead, they gave them a place to stay, food to eat, and even showed them how to survive our "harsh environment". If our ancestors had turned their backs and walked into the forest, the foundling Pilgrim Fathers would have foundered and perished.

Too late now for recriminations and passing the blame or accepting it. We have intruders here who took our land. It's our job to take it back. It's a big job so we have to think big. It's no time to be meek and humble. Sir Caucasian is humble when the other guy is too strong. He is a lion when the other guy is weak. So, he thinks the Indians are weak and he is acting like a lion. Eat the Indians up at his leisure. Sir Caucasian is a bully when he's got the other guy down. He thinks he's got the Indians down. Now, he's going to finish them off. Not all Indians are down and out. There are Indians who are not demoralized and are ready to fight. There are Indians who are wondering how they are going to fight. There are many Indians like me who are full of ideas on how to fight. (Here I pause to pat myself on the back - since no one else is going to do it for me.)

In my research on how to fight Sir Caucasian, I came across several recommended procedures. One of them is to look at Sir Caucasian from the wrong end of a telescope. That makes him very small, so you pick him up with a pair of tweezers and drown him in a glass of water. Another way is to tell him a true story. Truth is such a shock to him that it's fatal. That's how Truth shall set you free. Another recommendation is to infiltrate his government and make it a good government. Sir Caucasian cannot survive a good government. Another good recommendation is to give his army's camp followers, known as hors de combat, blankets infected with French pox. They've been know to render a whole army hors de combat. Another way is to sell him lots on the moon. Sir Caucasian will buy anything especially if it's cheap. Joe Brant sold him the Mohawk Territory for about one cent for every 6 acres. That's why he thinks he now owns the Mohawk Territory. Joe Brant laughed all the way to paleface heaven. Said that advisedly as we've been assured that Sir Caucasian has also taken over that place. He makes the rules and decides who goes there. When he leaves for the moon, to make sure he doesn't come back, put sugar in his tank. Another recommendation is to make a new religion where Sir Caucasian doesn't have to be dead to go to heaven. Promise him eternal bliss in a never ending Arabian Thousand and One Nights, a perpetual MidSummer Nights Dream on an island in the Mediterranean. Exit Sir Caucasian. One Indian proposes that we build Arks, like Noah's and then do the Rain Dance for forty days and forty nights. Drown out the pollution and the polluters. Then there's this drastic measure which may be injurious to the health. Start a fight between Russia and America to decide who's the supper Caucasian. Put up a prize, such as a beaded buckskin trophy. A special prize for the best atomic bomb blast and get out of the way. There are many more ways to fight Sir Caucasian, some of the unprintable.

Whichever way the Indian decides to fight - fight he must. Extinction is the ultimate oppression. There is no greater. To fight for his rights his land and his people is a man's condition in life. Man is built for fighting, to protect his own.