Let us now solve the religious problems of the world. Let's hit it with a great exuberance, altogether, everyone. What is a religious problem? Religion means a "system of worship and belief". Worship is simple and understandable. Man worships a woman and woman worships a man. It's only disgusting when man worships another man and woman another woman. It is then perverted. The perverted now call themselves "gay". The word gay used to mean a cheerful person. Now it means a queer person. It has been the experience of both men and women to have been programmed to worship the same male God when the men should have been worshipping a Goddess. It may be the reason for so many queers in the world. If there is a male God, then there should be a female Goddess for the men to worship. Religious worship would then become a natural thing. Now that we have that cleared up, let's get to the more complicated "belief".

To believe is to accept as a fact without knowing it's a fact. Faith is even stronger. It means to believe without proof. People say they only believe when they know. However, it's no longer a belief when it becomes knowledge. Then, one knows. Belief is not knowledge. The dictionary has different meaning for each word. The best way to point out the differences is by example. A man on trial for his life on the charge of murder is convicted because the judge and jury believe he is guilty. The man protested his innocence right to the scaffold. A little while after he was hanged it came to pass that another man was caught in the act of murder. He knew it was all up to him and since they can only hang him once, proceeded to admit having committed other murders including the one for which a man was already hanged. After describing that murder, including things even they didn't know, they knew he was the real murder. The judge and jury had convicted the wrong man because they believed he was guilty. They didn't know. Belief can get you hanged. Knowledge can save you. It's one of the reasons the death penalty was abolished. Justice has stretched the wrong neck too many times.

The dictionary says "religion is a system of worship and belief". It does not say it's a system of worship and knowledge. The Indians have a big edge on the white man, religion wise. The Iroquois give thanks for what they can see and therefore know, according to ancient instruction, such as the Maple Thanksgiving, Corn, Harvest Festival, etc. This is in reference to the real Iroquois religion, not the Handsome Lake faith which is Christian in character. In violation of the Two Row Wampum Treaty, Handsome Lake reached into the white man's vessel and took out the white man's religion and adopted it as his own, for the doctrines (beliefs) he adopted, such as hell, devils, angels, purgatory, temporary repentance, etc. are Christian doctrines which mean they are beliefs and not knowledge. They have never been proved to be true and so, cannot be true. After more than 2,000 years, for some of them, they have not proved to be true, it follows that they'll never be proved. Thus the Handsome Lake religion is like the white man's religion, a system of white man's unprovable beliefs. Our advice to the followers of Handsome Lake is to return to our ancient system and to return the unprovable doctrines (beliefs) to the white man's ships and to stop violating the Two Row Wampum Treaty.

Why is religion necessary? We are told that without religion all mankind would be evil. Jails are full of religious people. They prayed before going out to rob a bank and/or not to get caught. Religion is to save souls from the everlasting fires of hell, we are instructed. Then they tell us that when a person dies the soul leaves the body. The soul then is bodiless. The soul does not have to eat or drink. It does not have to sleep. The soul cannot get sick, suffer or die. The creation of hell then is a divine mistake for the soul cast into it cannot feel the flames since it does not have a body with a nervous system to transmit these sensations. Of course, hell is only a belief. The joke's on God. When he created "hell", he didn't know the soul can't feel the flames since it cannot suffer. So, they taught us contradictions.

This brings us to the question, what is the soul? Again the dictionary. The soul is an "entity without material reality". How can it be an entity if it has no material reality? The religious try in all kinds of ways to explain the soul. "You cannot see it, touch it or smell it." They even say that when you breathe, that's your soul. Even when it's your ass that does the breathing. Is that a soul too? Or is that the ass soul? Man has two souls. One at each end. It looks like the soul is also just a belief, at best a hope.

Religion then does not have to save souls from any imaginary place, such as hell and purgatory. The Dark Age settled over Europe in 400 A.D. when the Mighty Church forbade bathing and closed down schools. Only the clergy were allowed education. When students reached the level of education when they take up the study of Greek and read Plato, they think that's where Apollonius (St. Paul) got his revelation and so quit going to Church. So, no more education, boy! Why was bathing abolished? The Roman baths were abolished because they were an occasion for sin. Naked men, women and children bathing together. For more than a thousand years and nuerous epidemics and contagious plagues resulting therefrom, the European Christians weren't allowed to wash themselves. It had become a grievous sin. One hundred years of religious wars freed the Europeans and civilized the terrible Christian religion which terrorized Europe and the Middle East and put a stop to the horrors of the Inquisition. The holy Crusades slaughtered over 300 million "infidels" (non-Christians) in a 200 year reign of terror and the holy Inquisition took the measure of over 50 million of its own Christian heretics and witches burned at the stake during the 600 years the Inquisition terrorized Europe.

So, religion cannot bring peace but the very opposite judging by the results. When Roman Emperor Constantine the Great adopted Christianity he made it an international religion. He called it the Roman Catholic Church. Catholic means universal, for he meant to conquer the world and make everyone a Roman Catholic. More than half of the German army in two world wars were Catholics. They fought Catholic soldiers of England, France, Canada, United States, and others. Roman Catholics were slaughtering each other. So, the international religion is not the answer to world peace. Religion, because of its past record, cannot be the answer to the world's please for peace.

Some people need religion. Many have no use for religion. For the people who need and have to have religion, let the best brains of the nations step forward and establish a system of worship and knowledge, not unprovable beliefs. Let everyone know all things. There is ignorance in all the religions. Let's all of us bring them forth into the light for examination. Let the great minds figure out some of the great provable gifts from the Almighty Nature and Nature's God and the suitable words to express the people's gratitude for what they see and therefore know, such as the Maple Sugar, Com, the Harvest, etc. The millions of people who have no use for religion are segregated from the religious people who regard them as heretics fit only to go to unprovable hell when they die. The religion free "heretics" regard the religious as being ignorant people who accept "fairy tales" as being divine truth. The two groups are alienated from each other. They hold themselves aloof from each other. There can be no unity and friendship under such circumstances. National unity is not possible under such strained relationship. There can be no peace when people regard each other with suspicion and distrust. How to get the two groups together in peace and friendship, not to mention unity and national survival? What kind of compromise is possible to bring the two groups into at least mutual respect and maybe love and harmony?

At this point, the Jew makes his appearance. He had the experience behind him of 3,000 years of persecution and oppression. The Jewish religion had the same experience as other religions. The overzealous promoters picked up rituals and ceremonies as they went along until it took all day to go through them all. Some rebelled and cut back on a lot of ceremonies and called themselves "reformed Jews". It seems like the reformed Jew did not reform enough for another revolt occurred and a new Jewish religion evolved, the "Modem Jew" with less ceremonies and shorter sermons. Even the Roman Catholic Church revised their services a bit, shorter masses and sermons as a result of the Second Ecumenical Council in the 60s, in response to the complaints of bored church goers.

The Jews have the answer to the problem of uniting the religious people and those who have no use for religion. This solution enabled them to survive inhuman persecution for 3,000 years. Their religion, which is a national religion, is a force for unity and national survival. Their solution is simple. The Jews who have no use for religion and they are a small part of their population, support the Jewish religion with money and their presence when needed! It worked for the Jews and it should work for the Indians and other dispossessed peoples. Indians who are members of white man's international religions should drop out as the beliefs of hell, devils, purgatory, etc. are unprovable and therefore do not exist. They should do as the Jews do, support their own national religions in whatever way they can since a national religion is a force for unity and national survival. For those who would miss the ceremonies of international religions, the Indians have the best religious ceremonies of all, the Sacred Dances, in which everyone participates. At white man's religious services people complain that they don't get a chance to participate. The priest does everything. The Dance is one of the expressions of worship. Indians have many sacred dances. The people go home happy.

Being wise is great. Wise men and women are needed. Even they need a lot of information to enable them to put their wisdom to best use. Socrates didn't have enough information. Everyone needs more information. Get more education? Go to college! We have the spectacle of College grads asking us questions. If they knew anything would they be asking us questions? What do they teach in colleges anyway? From the amount of knowledge they pick up in there, colleges seem to be a waste of time. Maybe they don't pay any attention while they're in there. What kind of knowledge do we want or need? We ask the highly educated questions on how to run a country or a private life and they give us beliefs! We want proven facts not maybe theories. How to save mankind? Easy! They give us equations on relativity. No, the top brains only know how to destroy mankind not save them. There seems to be no secret knowledge about stopping mankind's greased slide to extinction before their time. All species of life spend some time on earth and then go. Dinosaurs spent 75 million happy years. Man only 2 million years so far and wants to go already. It wasn't happy for him so he wants to go. And he's supposed to have more brains than dinosaurs. The way to solve mankind's problems is through brains and intelligence and wisdom. Any old fool knows that! World revolution anyone? To be known as the revolution to end all revolutions. Revolution of the just and the wise.